BioFrontiers Graduate Students

    Vira Kravetz  (Ms. Sci)Vira Kravets    

     Graduate Research Assistant

Research Interests Experimental and theoretical study of the optical properties of:- colloidal solutions of photoluminescent silver nanoclusters for bio-sensing and fluorescent microscopy.

- ordered arrays of gold nanoparticles and thin films, related to the surface plasmon resonance excited in them, for bio-sensing and fluorescent microscopy.

Recent publications
- V. V. Kravets, O. A. Yeshchenko, V. V. Gozhenko, L. E. Ocola, D. A. Smith, J. V. Vedral and A. O. Pinchuk, "Tunable resonance absorption of light in a chain or gold nanoparticles," J. Phys. D: Applied Physics 45, 045102 (2012).

- V. V. Gozhenko, D. A. Smith, J. L. Vedral, V. V. Kravets and A. O. Pinchuk, "Electrodynamic coupling in regular arrays of gold nanocylinders," J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 8911 (2011). 

- V. V. Kravets, K. Culhane, I. M. Dmitruk and A. O. Pinchuk, "Glycine-coated photoluminescent silver nanoclusters," Colloidal Nanocrystals for biomedical applications VII, Proc. of SPIE 8232, 1 (2012). 


Vira Kravets     Nick Anderson
     Graduate Research Assistant

Research Interests Theoretical study of surface plasmon polaritons for bio-sensing applications.
Recent publications
- N. R. Anderson and R. E. Camley, "Attenuated total reflection study of bulk and surface polaritons in antiferromagnets and hexagonal ferrites: propagation at arbitrary angles," J. Appl. Phys. 113, 013904 (2013).

  Andrew Ballast
  Graduate Research Assistant  

 Research Interests: membrane dynamics, exocytosis, TIRF microscopy, image analysis .


BioFrontiers Undergraduate Students

    Simon Marinelli
    Undergraduate Research Assistant

esearch Interests:  Senescence, Comparitive Genomics