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Ke (Jack) Jiang    

     Ke (Jack) Jiang, PhD

     Research Associate
PhD (Chemistry) 2009 Texas Christian University



 Research Interests 

- Gold/silver nanoparticles-polymer composite gels for photothermally enhanced laser treatments.

- Fluorescent gold/silver nanoclusters as stable and biocompatible probes for bio-imaging and bio-sensing applications.

- Three-dimensional gold/silver nanoparticle arrays for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Recent publications

- K. Jiang, L. Ma, J. Wang, W. Chen, "Graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide: synthesis, photoluminescence and biotechnology applications," Rev. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. (2013) In press.

- K. Jiang, G. R. Akkaraju, J. L. Coffer, " Silicon nanowire/polycaprolactone composites and their impact on stromal cell function," J. Mater. Res. 28, 185 (2013).



Tim Fal

     Timothy Fal, PhD
     Research Associate
     PhD (Applied Science) 2011 University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Research Interests
The simulation of colloidal suspensions of ferromagnetic nanoparticles for the application of magnetic hyperthermia .

Recent publications

T. J. Fal, J. I. Mercer, M. D. Leblanc, J. P. Whitehead, M. L. Plumer, and J. van Ek, Kinetic Monte Carlo approach to modeling thermal decay in perpendicular recording media, Phys. Rev. B 87, 064405 (2013) [10 pages]

T. J. Fal, M. L. Plumer, J. P. Whitehead, J. I. Mercer, J. van Ek and K. Srinivasan, Simulations of magnetic hysteresis loops for dual layer recording media, Applied Physics Letters, 102, 202404 (2013)   

Janusz Hankiewicz, PhD

Research Associate



Former Research Associates

Kathrin Spendier, PhD      Research Associate (2012-2013)