Faculty and Staff

bob camley     Robert (Bob) Camley, PhD  

     Director, UCCS - Biofrontiers Institute.

     Distinguished  Professor, Physics Department



Research Highlights 

Research Interests:  application of low frequency electromagnetic waves to detect and treat tumors.   


Zbigniew Celinski PhD

      Zbigniew Celinski, PhD

     Professor, Physics Department



Research Highlights 

Research Interests: Biological Applications for Magnetic Nanoparticles


     Anatoliy Glushchenko, PhD Anatoliy Glushchenko PhD

     Associate Professor, Physics Department



Research Highlights

Research interests:   Liquid crystals and their ability to let us view the invisible. 


Anatoliy Pinchuk PhD     Anatoliy Pinchuk, PhD 

     Associate Professor, Physics Department




Research Highlights

Research Interests: nanoparticles and nanostructures used to detect cancer cells. 


Karen Livesey PhD     Karen Livesey, PhD  

     Assistant Professor, Physics Department 




Research Highlights

Research Interests: Developing theoretical models to match experiments on single molecular magnets, magnetic nanoparticles, ferroelectric nanoparticles and liquid crystals.  


Kathrin Spendier

     Kathrin Spendier , PhD

     Assistant Professor, Physics Department 



Research Highlights  

Research Interests:  study dynamics of mast cell surface receptors in cell membrane curvature gradients; develop new class of anti-mucus nanomedicine aimed at reducing airway over-production in respiratory diseases.

  Eugenia Olesnicky Killian   Eugenia Olesnicky Killian, PhD  

     Assistant Professor, Biology Department  



Research Highlights

Research Interests: Elucidating the roles of RNA binding proteins in regulating dendrite outgrowth and nociception during neural development 


Yuriy Garbovskiy

     Yuriy Garbovskiy, PhD

     BioPhysics Lab Manager




Research Interests: Biomedical applications of liquid crystals and nanoparticles