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Upcoming seminars for 2014

2. TBA
   Svenja Knappe - NiST
   April 11, 11am, Room A204

 2014 Past seminars

1. Gut microbres and their role in malnutrition and obesity
   Rob Knight - Biofrontiers, CU Boulder (Jan)

2013 Past seminars

17. ****Showcase of UCCS Biofrontiers Center's internal grant winners**** 
   Part 2: Andrew Ketsdever (MAE) and Sonja Braun-Sand & Wendy Haggren (Comp Sci) (Dec)

16. ****Showcase of UCCS Biofrontiers Center's internal grant winners**** 
   Part 1: Michael Calvisi & Leal Lauderbaugh (MAE) and Jugal Kalita (Comp Sci)

15. Research adventures in MRI and spectroscopy at the UC Anshutz Medical Campus
  Mark S. Brown - Radiology, UC Denver (Oct)

14. Nanoparticle-based photodynamic therapy and photothermal therapy for cancer treatment
  Wei Chen - University of Texas at Arlington (Oct)

13. MRI beyond Boltzmann: imaging with "hyperpolarized" agents 129Xe and 13C
  Karl Stupic - NIST Boulder (Oct)

12. What can 3D super-resolution microscopy do for biological imaging?
  Rafael Piestun - UC Boulder (Sep)

11. Bridging the scales: lipid interactions, mechanics and force transduction in biomembranes
  Juan Vanegas - Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain (Jul)

10. Tunable microfluidic chips for isolating circulating tumor cells
  Markus Gusenbaum - St Poelen University, Austria (July)

9. MRI on imaging inflammation using targeted and untargeted iron oxide nanoparticles
  Natalie Serkova - UC Denver (June)

8. Real-time imaging of cell plasma membrane curvature
  Kathrin Spendier - UCCS Biofrontiers Center (May)

7. Nanocircuits for single molecule enzymology
  Yongki Choi - University of California, Irvine (May)

6. Probing single-cells with high-throughput electromagnetic techniques
  Keerthi Nawarathna - University of Notre Dame (Apr)

5. Nanogel star polymers as interesting soft colloidal materials for biomedical applications
  R. D. Miller - IBM Almaden Research Center (Apr)

4. Development of new geneeration of dual -modality human scanners: time for PET/MRI hybrid imagers
  S. Majewski - West Virginia University (Apr)

3. Airway mucosal immunity in asthma and COPD  
  Hong Wei Chu - National Jewish Health (Mar)

2. Destruction of bubbles by ultrasound: experimental observations and unresolved questions
  Jim Thomas - University of New Mexico (Feb)

1. Integrated approach for the fabrication of multifunctional metal and metal oxide nanoparticles  
  O. Thompson Mefford - Clemson University (Jan)

2012 Past seminars

17. Targeted contrast agents for multimodal imaging of breast cancer  
  Rebecca Fuller - University of Western Australia (Nov)

16. Differential uptake and trafficking of nanoparticles by living cells
  Jeri Timlin - Sandia National Laboratory (Nov)

15. ****Showcase of UCCS Biofrontiers Center's internal grant winners****  
  Part 2: Jeremy Bono (Biology) & Curt Holder (Geography) (Nov)

14. How big should mammals be?  
  Aaron Clauset - Dept of Computer Science & Biofrontiers Institute, University of Colorado Boulder (Oct)

13. Quantitative measurements of diffusion and temperature using MRI   
  Michael Boss - NIST, Boulder (Oct)

12. ****Showcase of UCCS Biofrontiers Center's internal grant winners****    
  Part 1: Bob Carlson (Mathematics) & Steve Tragesser (Mech. Engineering) (Oct)

11. Functionalization of planar and nanoscale gallium phosphide for biosensor applications   
  David Richards - Purdue University (Sep)

10. Functionalized nanocomposites for biomedical and radiation detection applications
  Ke Jiang - University of Texas at Arlington (Sep)

9. The impact of urbanization and habitat fragmentation on pathogens of North America felids
  Scott Carver - CVMBS Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology Department, Colorado State University (Aug)

8. Soft condensed matter physics of biological systems: focus on polyelectrolytes and nanoparticles
  Olena Zribi - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (Apr)

7. Dynamics and distribution of immunoglobulin E receptors upon binding mobile membrane ligands
Kathrin Spendier - University of New Mexico (Mar)

6. Nanoscale materials ithin biological and ecological systems: from complex systems to molecular interactions
 Tatsiana Reynolds - Cornell University (Mar)

5. Observing nanoscale structure and dynamics of biological membranes
Chris Kelly - Cornell University (Mar)

4. Cardiac NMR microimaging
Janusz Hankiewicz - College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago (Feb)

3. Nanomagnetism for life
Valentyn Novosad - Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory (Feb)

2. Light and molecules - what optical spectroscopy tells us about structure, functions and interactions of molecules in soft condensed matter?
Rafal Korlacki - Nebraska Center for Materials & Nanoscience, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Feb)

1. Regulation of short peptide uptake by yeast and application of fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy to quantitative analysis of macromolecular interactions
Artem Melnykov - Washington University, St Louis (Feb)


2011 Past seminars

2. Biophysical Characterization of Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus type 1 (HTLV-1) Viral Assembly
Keir H. Fogarty - University of Minnesota

1. Quantitative MRI and Functional Magnetic Nanoagents
Steve Russek - National Institute of Standards and Technology