Livesey Highlights

Karen Livesey, PhD

Bio-Physics interests:

Magnetic nanoparticles for use in magnetic hyperthermia and as MRI contrast agents.
In particular, we are interested in understanding how small-scale structures (chaining and clumping of particles) alter the effectiveness in different biomedical applications.

Tim Fal (UCCS Biofrontiers)
Thompson Mefford (Clemson University)

Recent Biofrontiers publications:

1.  "The formation of linear aggregates in magnetic hyperthermia," S.L. Saville, B. Qi, J. Baker, R. Stone, R.E. Camley, K.L. Livesey, L. Ye, T. Crawford and O. Thompson Mefford, J. Colloids and Interf. Science 424, 141 (2014).

2. "Magnetic studies of metal ion clusters encapsulated with thiacalixarene", R. Fuller, K. L. Livesey, R. Woodward, A. McKinley, B. Skelton and G. Koutsantonis, Australian J. Chem., accepted (2014).

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