Livesey Highlights

Karen Livesey, PhD

Bio-Physics interests:

1) Single molecule magnets (some of these magnets are biomolecules)
2) Magnetic nanoparticles for use in magnetic hyperthermia and as MRI contrast agents


Recent publications:

1.  "The magnetic properties of some metallocalixerenes," R. O. Fuller, K. L. Livesey, A. Fleming, R. C. Woodward, T. G. St. Pierre and G. A. Koutsantonis, in preparation.
(Presented in December 2011 at the Inorganic Conference of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.)

2. "Domain dynamics and fluctuations in artificial square ice at finite temperatures", Z. Budrikis, K. L. Livesey, J. P. Morgan, J. Akerman, A. Stein, S. Langdridge, C. H. Marrows and R. L. Stamps, New J. Phys, accepted (2012).

3. "Strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling in magnetostrictive/piezoelectric heterostructures and resulting high frequency effects," K. L. Livesey, Phys. Rev. B 83, 224420 (2011).

Researcher ID: F-9074-2011