Gluschenko Highlights

Anatoliy Glushchenko, PhD.

Bio-Physics interests:

1)  Manufacturing of ferroelectric nanoparticles for biological applications

2)  Liquid crystals as models for biological membranes

3)  Liquid crystals for observation and detection of viruses

4)  Optical characterization of airborne particulates


Recent publications

Liquid Crystalline Colloids of Nanoparticles:  Preparation, Properties and Applications (invited book chapter)

Yuri A. Garbovskiy and Anatoliy V. Glushchenko in Solid State Physics, Volume 62  p. 1-74  (Elsevier 2011)

Metallic surfaces as alignment layers for nondisplay applications of liquid crystals

Yu. Garbovskiy, L. Reisman, Z. Celinski, R. E. Camley, A. Glushchenko, Applied Physics Letters, 98, 073301-3 (2011)

Dipole moment and spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric nanoparticles in a nonpolar fluid suspension

S. A. Basun, G. Cook V. Yu. Reshetnyak, A. V. Glushchenko, and D. R. EvansPhys. Rev. B 84, 024105 (2011) [8 pages]