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 BioFrontiers is an interdisciplinary research initiative involving Physics, Biology and other science and engineering disciplines.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for:

Research Associate - Liquid Crystal Technology/Soft Condensed Matter

This position will involve research on the borderline between Biophysics and Soft Condensed Matter with the goal of connecting these two broad areas of science. The work will involve using the methods of physical science to study biological systems. It will also involve working with materials which deform easily under the influence of external fields such as electric fields, shear or gravity (like liquid crystals, polymers, nanoparticles, or any composites of these materials).   The work will be primarily experimental in nature.

The selected researcher will work with Physics, Biology, and Biophysics researchers and will be expected to design, implement and monitor research projects producing significant research results, generate new research directions, write and publish research papers, and write grant proposals. This position may involve supervision of graduate students.

To Apply - Please go to click on search jobs and and search for keyword RF00672 on the Colorado Springs Campus.