Camley highlights

Robert Camley, PhD

Bio-Physics interests:

1) Use of magnetic nanoparticles in biological systems

      -  Spin waves in magnetic nanoparticles

2) Use of microwave fields in biological systems


Selected  publications (physics and bio-physics based)

Nonlinear amplification and mixing of spin waves in a microstrip geometry with metallic ferromagnets 

Yuri Khivintsev, J. Marsh, V. Zagorodnii, I. Harward, J. Lovejoy, P. Krivosik,  R. E. Camley, and Z. Celinski, Applied Physics Letters, 98, 042505-3  (2011)

Nonreciprocal microwave devices based on magnetic nanowires

Bijoy K. Kuanr, V. Veerakumar, Ryan Marson, Sanjay R. Mishra, R. E. Camley, and Z. Celinski, Applied Physics Letters 94, 202505 (2009)

Uncoupling Cellular Respiration: A Link to Cancer Cell Metabolism and Immune Privilege   

M. Karen Newell, Elizabeth M. Villalobos-Menuey, Marilyn Burnett and Robert E. Camley Cellular Respiration and Carcinogenesis 145-160 (Humana Press Inc. New Jersey 2009)

The Effects of Chemotherapeutics on Cellular Metabolism and Consequent Immune Recognition

M Karen Newell, Robert Melamede, Elizabeth Villalobos-Menuey, Douglas Swartzendruber, Richard Trauger, Robert E Camley, William Crisp, Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines 2:3 (2004) 

Lung Cell Immune System Response Due to Irradiation by Alpha Particles

J. F. Burkhart, B. A. Camley, R. E. Camley, E. Villalobos-Menuey, M. K. Newell International Radon Symposium AASRT Proceedings Vol 1 p 51-62 (2002)

Characterization of a novel metabolic strategy used by drug-resistant tumor cells  

Harper ME, Antoniou A, Villalobos-Menuey E, Russo A, Trauger R, Vendemelio M, George A, Bartholomew R, Carlo D, Shaikh A, Kupperman J, Newell EW, Bespalov IA, Wallace SS, Liu Y, Rogers JR, Gibbs GL, Leahy JL, Camley RE, Melamede R, Newell MK. FASEB J. Oct;16(12):1550-7. (2002).