User Fees



 Equipment Available for Use                                               UCCS Users             External Users

    • FC500 Flow Cytometer Beckman/Coulter                               $40/hour                  $60/hour
    • StepOne Real Time PCR Applied Biosystems                        $10/hour                  $15/hour
    • TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope System Leica                        $30/hour                  $45/hour
    • Coulter Counter                                                                         $ 4/hour                    $ 6/hour
    • Calorimeter                                                                               $15/hour                  $22/hour
    • Biofrontiers Assistance                                                             $20/hour                  $30/hour


Note: Adequate experience and/or training is required for individual usage as well as current lab safety training credentials. Biofrontiers personnel are happy to help with consultation and initial setup without charge. Biofrontiers reserves the right to observe and monitor all procedures.


Funding Assistance: Grants may be available from Biofrontiers to users who may not be able to fully fund instrument use. Projects that need equipment upgrades may be possible also. Please complete the Grant Application and submit to Yuriy Garbovskiy in B427 or via email.