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FC500 Flow Cytometer Beckman/Coulter

StepOne Real Time PCR Applied Biosystems

TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope System

Leica Coulter Counter


Please inquire regarding the following:

Cell Culture Equipment:  Biosafety Hoods, incubators, centrifuges, liquid nitrogen storage

Analysis Equipment:  spectrophotometer,  fluorimeter, calorimeter

Note: Adequate experience and/or training is required for individual usage as well as current lab safety training credentials. Biofrontiers personnel are happy to help with consultation and initial setup without charge. Biofrontiers reserves the right to observe and monitor all procedures.







FC500 Flow Cytometer - Beckman/Coulter

Flow cytometers are used to rapidly analyze particles one at a time which allows the identification of numerous subpopulations a statistically significant numbers. Flow rates of 3000 particles per second are possible on this instrument. Cells are the usual particles analyzed. Up to 24 parameters can be measured; 16 parameters simultaneously. Particle size range from 0.5 to 40 microns.

These parameters can be measured on either a linear or a 4 decade log scale. Normally the parameters are forward scatter (FS), side scatter (SS), and five fluorescent wavelengths at 525, 575, 620,675, and 755 nm. Two laser excitation wavelengths are available 488nm and 635 nm. The lasers are coaxial. Additional parameters are peak, time, and ratio.

Samples may be run in 12x75 mm tube, 96 well plates or 24 well plates.



StepOne Plus Real-Time PCR - Applied Biosystems


The system can be used to detect and quantify DNA and other real-time PCR applications. This instrument uses a 96 well plate and 4 colors.

Detailed information on the RealTime PCR machine can be found at:

The use of this instrument will require the user to provide assays, reagents and other materials for the test desired – we can assist with the ordering of necessary materials.



TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope - Leica


The SP 5 laser scanning confocal microscope uses laser excitation for fluorescent and transmitted light measurements. There are three PMTs to collect fluorescent emissions. Another PMT can be used to collect transmitted information. The fluorescence collection system allows the filters to be changed in bandwidth and wave length from 360-780? nm.

A motorized stage in x, y, and z allows relocation acquisitions and 3 d reconstructions to be done.

Up to 7 laser excitation wavelengths can be used: 405 nm, 456 nm, 488 nm, 514nm, 532 nm, 633 nm.


63x 1.4-0.60 na oil ~ 40x 1.3 na oil ~ 20x 0.70 na air ~ 10x 0.25 na air

Visual Filter Ex Dm Em A cube BP340-380 400 LP 425

I3 cube BP 450-490 510 LP 515

N2.1 cube BP 515-560 580 LP 590


Diode 405 nm ~ Argon 458, 476, 488, 514 nm ~ DPSS 561 nm ~ HeNe 633 nm



Coulter Counter Z2


The Z2 counts particles passing through an orifice based on the change of electrical resistance in the orifice. This allows not only counting of the particles but also allows sizing based on the resistance change.