Bachelor of Innovation in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Innovation in Business Administration will provide students with both the business background and skills of a classical Bachelor of Science in Business Administration plus the technical and team skills to work on innovative projects including the ability to: (1) recognize the broader issues in engineering technology-related problems or in global innovation problems; (2) understand the business, legal and societal constraints affecting this technology; and (3) have the ability to communicate the key issues, needs, potential options, and final solution to a challenge. The program seeks to prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning. In addition to the technical competence to be expected of a graduate with a bachelor degree in business, students will develop the critical thinking skills, multi-faceted team oriented skills and basic innovation background to ensure that they can effectively compete in the changing career landscape in areas driven by innovation.

Degree Requirements
The degree requirements for the Bachelor of Innovation degree in Business Administration require completion of at least 120 credit hours, participation in the Exit Interview, a minimum 2.0 grade point average in all COB courses and all courses taken at the University of Colorado. The courses for the degree are outlined as follows:

Innovation Core (27 credits)

Engineering Core (21 credits)

or Globalization Core (21 credits)

Business Core (42 credits)

BLAW 200. Business Law BLAW 200 3
COMM 201. Oral Communication in the Workplace 3
ACCT 201 / ACCT 202. Intro To Financial Acct/ Intro Managerial Acct 6
QUAN 201 / QUAN 202 Business Statistics / Process And Statistics - Based Decisions 6
BUAD 300. Integrated Skills For Management 3
INFS 300. Intro To Mgmt Info Sys 3
FNCE 305. Basic Finance 3
MKTG 300. Principles Of Marketing 3
ORGM 330. Intro To Mgmt & Organization 3
OPTM 300. Fund Of Operations Management 3
BUAD 400. Government,Law & Society 3
BUAD 450. Cases & Concepts-Bus Policy 3

General Education and Electives (30 credits)


ENGL 131 3
ECON 101//ECON 202 6
MATH 111. Calculus I 3
MATH 112. Calculus II 3
Humanities Electives 6
Non-Freshman Communication 3
Social Science Elective 3
Free Elective 3