Welcome to the UCCS Bachelor of Innovation (BI) Program Home Page. Like a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA), the BI is not a single degree but a family of related majors. The BI has a major field of study, just like a BA or BS, but it also has a common core in innovation and entrepreneurship including a unique long-term, multi-disciplinary team experience. A survey of Colorado companies shows the BI students will have a significant advantage in the market.

This program builds on our national reputation such as U.S. News and World Report rankings In 2006, US News and World Report rankings of masters/bachelors focused engineering schools, the UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science was ranked nationally 4th among state institutions, and 16th overall. Overall UCCS has been ranked by US News as a "Best in the West", with 2007 ranking 7th among public western regional universities. UCCS has been ranked in the top 10 western regional public universities each year since 2002. that recognize UCCS as a leading university focused on undergraduate education. While one does not have to be a leader to innovate, it certainly helps.

Components of Innovation We see 4 major components of innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Creative Communications and Globalization, all of which come together in the BI family. And of innovation needs creative people, like you, in the BI program. A major component of the program is multi-disciplinary innovation teams working on real projects for real companies. The ability to team with the community on projects, a cornerstone of the program, is nothing new for UCCS, which has been recognized for its nationally leading community engagement. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities' last ranking placed UCCS first, tied with Arizona State University-West, as America's most engaged college campus.

The strong multi-disciplinary teaming nature of the BI program provides critical experience working across fields and across ages as well as a positive and diverse social network for the students to draw upon. It is expected to further enhance our efforts toward supporting and retaining minorities and women in engineering. The American Society for Engineering Education ranked universities that grant 50 or more engineering degrees annually by the percentage of degrees awarded to women for 2004 and 2005. At UCCS, 29 percent of the engineering degrees awarded were to women, placing the university seventh nationally among U.S. public universities and the highest in the Rocky Mountain Region.

This is a bold new type of degree for students who want to be innovative, and students who want to change the world and add value to society. If you want to be engaged in real projects with real companies, and if you want to set yourself apart from the same old BS, then this may be the type of degree for you. If you want to be different, then do something different.

Did you notice the trademark (TM) in the name? Here at UCCS we are not just teaching innovation. We live it. We breath it. Now, we own a piece of it. Even our recruiting is innovative. Soon you will also be able to explore the "Bachelor of Innovation Game" to learn about the program and maybe even win a prize. If you have not found the interactive aspects of this page, move your mouse around and find at least 6 ;-).

The BI is, internationally, a unique family of degrees, found only at UCCS. Join us and prepare for your personal innovation. So who is interested in the BI program? Well maybe the map below will give you an idea how broad the appeal is. The dots on the map shows the locations of many of the visitors to this web site. We have had visitors from over 50 countries and 46 states. The 2007 incoming class of 45 students was almost double our "plan" estimate, coming from California to Tennessee. This page has been visited 43478 times.

The BI is, internationally, a unique family of degrees, found only at UCCS. Join us and prepare for your personal innovation.