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Sports Health & Wellness Promotion Minor
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The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Science will prepare the graduate for professional practice in health related settings. The program includes a foundation in general education as well as a broad understanding of health care environments and delivery systems through the health science core curriculum.

Specialty Track

The student will choose a track within the Sports Health & Wellness Option. Use the links provided for specific track Curriculum and Model Degree Plan. The tracks offered include:

    Special Features of the Program:

    • Students can choose a pace which best fits their needs. Full-time and part-time options are available.
    • The program is structured for the adult learner. All Health Sciences (HSCI) core classes are offered as an online course at least once during the calendar year. Elective classes are also available online. Students who reside in the Colorado Springs area also have the option of taking the core and elective classes on campus. On campus classes are scheduled at times convenient for the working professional as well as the traditional students.
    • The course of study integrates current knowledge in career-oriented curricula with advanced science and liberal arts education to prepare students for leadership roles in health related professions.
    • The student, along with academic advisors, will structure a program which best meets the career goals of the student. There is flexibility within the program to individualize the curricula.
    • Students may apply 40 credits from the accredited certificate program or allied health training as part of an Associate's Degree (e.g., radiation technology, dental hygiene, emergency medical technician, respiratory therapy, anesthesiologist assistant, surgical technology, diagnostic medical sonography, etc.) to the UCCS bachelor's degree.
    • Students who have completed coursework at another higher education institution (community college, college, university) can have that coursework evaluated for transfer to UCCS to fulfill part of their course requirements for this degree.
    • The course of study provides an opportunity to expand technical expertise along with advanced educational experiences. Skills in management, health promotion, critical thinking and communication are developed.
    Sports Health & Wellness Minor Option

    The following department guidelines have been established for minor programs from the Health Care Sciences Department of Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

    1. A minimum of 20 credit hours with grades of C- or better must be taken in a minor area, including a minimum of nine upper-division credit hours. Additionally, a cumulative GPA of 2.0 must be obtained overall ( Curriculum ).
    2. Minor requirements may not be taken pass/fail.
    3. Students will be allowed no more than 9 credit hours of transfer credit towards a minor.
    4. Course work applied towards a minor may also be applied towards general education requirements.
    5. Pre-requisites may be required for some courses listed for the minor but the pre-requisite courses may not necessarily count toward minor hours.
    6. A maximum of 30 non-LAS hours is allowed for any LAS major.
    Please contact Linda Goodwin, Nursing & Health Sciences Advisor,  for any questions regarding the minor at lgoodwin@uccs.edu or 719-255-3867.

    How to Apply:


    As soon as possible after the Office of Admissions and Records receives all required credentials, students will be notified of their admission status. If eligible, the student will receive notification of eligibility for admission. Admission eligibility to the University of Colorado does not constitute a guarantee of enrollment in any specific course or program.

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