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FALL 2012 APPLICATION DEADLINE - June 15, 2012 - Classes begin August 20, 2012

The graduate nursing program builds upon and expands the knowledge, values and skills of the baccalaureate prepared nurse. The College offers two options of advanced study leading to a Master of Science in Nursing degree.

In addition to specialty courses which prepare for expanded clinical roles in adult/gero health or family health, the student gains experience with research, health care policy, nursing theory, clinical problem solving/critical thinking and creativity.


Upon completion of the MSN program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Apply theories and scientific evidence to provide holistic care to the individual
  • Provide leadership within clinical and organizational settings to provide high quality, safe, patient care
  • Apply clinical reasoning to promote health and prevent disease for the individual, family, and community
  • Critically appraise and apply current evidence in a clinical setting to ensure quality patient outcomes
  • Use technology in the clinical setting to enhance safe and effective patient care
  • Evaluate emerging trends, policy issues, and programmatic problems to improve health care delivery
  • Use therapeutic, patient-centered, communication in the delivery of health care
  • Collaborate in inter/intra-professional care teams
  • Provide patient-centered, culturally competent healthcare to diverse patient populations
  • Use an ethical framework for clinical practice and clinical expertise to care for patients


  • Completion of a minimum of 38-47 credits at the graduate level
  • A grade of "B" in all required nursing courses
  • Successful completion of a Comprehensive Exam or Thesis
  • Completion of degree requirements within six years


  • Completion of an accredited (programatic) baccalaureate degree in nursing program including prerequisite undergraduate courses:
    • Introduction to Statistics
    • Nursing Research
    • Health Assessment
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 for all undergraduate course work
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current unrestricted Registered Nurse license from the state where you practice during practicum rotations
  • Passing score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if your native language is not English
NOTE: Prospective graduate students must possess skills in computer technology (word processing, presentation software, SPSS and e-mail).

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  1. Apply online
    1. By September 15 for Spring admission
    2. By June 15 for Fall admission
  2. Send other materials to:

    Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences
    University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    ATTN: Graduate Nursing

    For any questions not answered here, call 719.255.4424.


  • The Admission Committee will review and process the application after all Graduate Admission Requirements and fees have been received within 10 business days after the application deadline. No incomplete application packet is considered.
  • The student is given written notification as to admission status via postal mail, sent out 10 buisiness days after committee decisions.
  • Visit the Online Information page for computer and software requirements

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