Bachelor of Science in Nursing Traditional Option

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  1. Is Beth-El College a part of the University of Colorado?

    Yes, Beth-El College of Nursing merged with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on July 1, 1997. Beth-El is now a College within the University. Beth-El wanted to keep their name because their professional reputation in their discipline had already been established and so that prospective students would know where to find them. Prior to the merger, Beth-El was a private institution owned by the City of Colorado Springs.

  2. What kind of programs does Beth-El offer?

    At the undergraduate level, Beth-El offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, a RN to BSN bridge program, an Accelerated BSN program, and a four-year Bachelor of Science in Health Care Sciences degree with options in Nutrition; Sports, Health and Wellness; Health Care Management; and Alied Health completion degrees. Additionally, Beth-El offers a Masters of Science in Nursing degree with different specialties available and several certificate options for undergraduate and graduate students and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

  3. How can I find out more about the programs?

    1. You have several options to learn more about the programs offered. You can access the Beth-El website at in order to view curricula for each degree. From that website you may also e-mail the Beth-El administrative offices and request an information packet be mailed to you.
    2. For additional information about the undergraduate program, you can contact Linda Goodwin, Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison at 719.255.3867 or

  4. Can I speak to someone in person if I have specific

    Yes, you may contact either person listed above depending on which program that you are interested in. You may also call Student Recruitment & Admissions Counseling at 719.255.3867 to make an appointment with Linda Goodwin, Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison. Her office is located in Cragmor Hall Room 007.

  5. If I am transferring from another institution, may I receive an unofficial evaluation of my transcripts?

    Yes, for undergraduate students, please contact the Student Recruitment & Admissions Counseling at 719.255.3867 to make an appointment with Linda Goodwin, Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison. You may send a copy of unofficial transcripts for review by FAX (719.255.3018) or e-mail to . Please include your contact information and indicate the program that you want the evaluation for. It is preferred that prospective students who want an evaluation of transcripts do not come for walk-in advising.

    If you are transferring from a four-year nursing program and have already completed clinical courses, please collect syllabi from all of your nursing courses and contact Dr. Lea Gaydos, Chair of the Undergraduate Nursing Program, at 719.255.4462 for an appointment to review your clinical work.

    If you are interested in an evaluation for the graduate program, please contact Diane Busch, Administrative Assistant at 719.255.4424.

  6. What is the process for being admitted?

    After all of your required information such as high school transcripts, college transcripts, application, AP scores, IB scores, CLEP scores, etc., have been received by Admissions and Records, your application will be reviewed by the Nursing or Health Care Sciences Committees. Please review the admission criteria for freshman and transfer students listed on Beth-El’s website. An admission decision will be rendered, based on the admission criteria, and a letter will be sent to the applicant informing him/her of admission status.

    If transfer credits are involved, Admissions will perform an official evaluation of credits and mail an evaluation to you as to what credits were accepted. Transfer credits are then applied to the degree program of choice by the Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison in the Student Success Center in time for Orientation. You will be given a progress report at Orientation that shows what has transferred in and how it applies. If you have questions about the way a course was applied to your degree program, please contact the Nursing and Health Care Science advisors in the Student Success Center at 719-255-3260. If a course does not show on your progress report anywhere, you need to speak to Admissions and Records on the 1st floor of Main Hall to discover the reason no credit was given. It could be a transcript wasn’t received or that A & R needs a course description before allowing the credits to count.

  7. How can I be admitted into the College?

    You can be admitted into Beth-El College by meeting all of the admission criteria for transfer students as stated on Beth-El’s website. For transfer students, the minimum criteria include 24-30 hours of transferable work at a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for nursing students and 2.5 or better for Health Care Sciences students. If you have less than 24-30 hours of transferable work, admissions will refer to your high school information in order to make an admissions decision. If you meet the criteria, fill out an Intra-University Transfer form, available from Admissions and Records or from the Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison in the Student Success Center. There is no charge for applying to transfer. Turn in the form to Admissions and Records and a decision will be rendered by the Nursing or Health Care Sciences Committees as to your eligibility for admission and you will be notified by mail of your status. Be sure to meet with the Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison to figure out where you are in the progression of your program.

  8. Is Orientation required?

    Yes, it is required for all new undergraduate students, both freshman and transfer. After you are admitted, you will receive an Orientation brochure with available dates. Please fill out the reservation portion of the brochure and return it to the Student Success Center so we can plan on your attendance.

  9. How do I choose my classes?

    When you attend orientation the Nursing and Health Care Sciences Liaison will be there to help with the scheduling of appropriate coursework. The sequencing of courses is very important for progression into the clinical portion of the nursing program and, as such, careful planning can help prevent delay. Additionally, health care service students are required to meet with the Liaison every semester prior to registering.

  10. How do I start the clinical portion of the nursing program?

    Once you have completed the first level courses with a GPA of 3.0, you should contact the nursing advisor in the Student Success Center to apply for a transfer to the nursing major. This application would include the following.

    1. Completion of Intent to Apply
    2. Completion of a background check
    3. Completion of a Pre-Admission Exam
    The Pre-Admission Exam tests the course material the student has completed during the first level coursework. The admission committee will review all applicants at that time to determine who will be accepted as a nursing major. For students who are accepted as a nursing major, they will start their second year course work and continue to progress thru the curriculum. For those students who are not selected for admission, they may change their major, apply to another school or choose to apply the following semester. Students are only allowed to apply twice and will be considered along with all of the other students applying with no preferential consideration because they are seeking admission again.

  11. What are clinicals?

    Clinicals are the practical, applied portion of the nursing program. Beth-El’s nursing program is very hands-on and has six semesters of clinicals instead of four. Generally speaking, assuming eligibility and availability, the clinicals begin in the second year of the program and whenever pre-requesites are completed. A bi-annual clinical start is available at Beth-El which means clinicals begin both in the fall and in the spring. Clinicals are performed at several local hospitals as well as a variety of community agencies in order to introduce the nursing student to different health care environments and to give exposure to all different populations of patients.

  12. What is the cost of Beth-El College's program?

    Since Beth-El College is a part of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, tuition rates are based on rates approved by the Board of Regents. These rates vary depending on in-state versus out-of-state residency determinations and by the level of coursework being attempted. Junior and senior courses are more per credit hour due to the low faculty to student ratio in the clinical courses. Please note that tuition rates are subject to change on an annual basis and specific amounts can be reviewed on the Student Financial Services section of the main UCCS website at .
  13. What is the academic standard I must maintain once I am admitted into Beth-El College?

    Students in the undergraduate (Traditional BSN, RN-BSN, ACCEL BSN) nursing program must receive a C- or better in any general education course required and a C in all required nursing and health science courses. Any grade below these standards constitutes a failure. Two failures of any required nursing and/or health science course of two credits or greater will result in dismissal from the college.

    Students in the Health Care Sciences program must receive a C- or better in any required course. Any grade below this standard constitutes a failure. Two failures of any required health science course of two credits or greater will result in dismissal from the college.

  14. Can I take a class pass/fail?

    No, Beth-El does not allow any required courses to be taken pass/fail.

For specific questions not answered here, contact Linda Goodwin, our nursing advisor at or 719.255.3867.

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