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Colorado has several Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) programs in communities throughout the state some of which offer a variety of forensic nursing services. See the existing SANE programs in Colorado. SANE programs coordinate with relevant local agencies such as law enforcement, criminal justice professionals (e.g., crime lab technicians, prosecutors), and victim advocates. Many communities have a developed Sexual Assault Response/Resource Team (SART).

The Colorado SANE program publishes a quarterly newsletter with information relevant to SANE programs and SARTs throughout the state. View our past newsletters:

    SANE Program Requirements

    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program sites in Colorado are selected based on application. The application is reviewed and approved by a statewide, multidisciplinary Colorado SANE Advisory Board. The application process includes the organization of a community-based task force to implement the SANE program; recruitment strategies for nurse examiners and physician advisors; and an outline of budget appropriations to provide equipment, reimbursement of services and continued success of the SANE program. For more information about developing a SANE program in your community, view the Community Development Manual. Calls for Proposals for new SANE sites are offered twice each year. The window to apply as a new SANE site is currently closed. The next call for proposals will be released in October 2012.

    SANE Practice

    Colorado has identified a sexual assault evidence collection kit for use by healthcare providers providing a medical-forensic response to patients affected by sexual assault or abuse. It is recommended that healthcare professionals providing a medical-forensic exam utilize the Colorado Sexual Assault Evidence Collection kit, available from SIRCHIE.
    For cases of sexual assault in which the use of drugs and/or alcohol are suspected to have been used to incapacitate a person, the drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) kit should be used in addition to the sexual assault evidence collection kit, available from Therapak. For more information on DFSA in Colorado, view our online webinar.

    If you are interested in education related to sexual assault and forensic nursing, visit our Forensic Nursing Education page .

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