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Beth-El College Extended Studies (BEES) offers a diverse selection of elective courses.  Our electives are designed to provide students with:

  • Academic opportunities outside of traditional offerings
  • Unique courses not easily found elsewhere
  • Non-traditional means of course delivery
  • Specialized educational offerings
  • Lots of choices in your education  

Why should you take an elective course?  

There are many great reasons to take an elective course, below are just a few of the benefits:  

  • Completing your "electives" for degree completion*
  • Increase your scope of knowledge for current or future practice
  • Electives promote improved thinking and learning
  • Provides for a well-rounded education
  • Personal enrichment and improvement
  • Enhanced scope of practice


Spanish for Healthcare Providers

Course Number: NURS 2470

Type & Hours:  3 semester credit hours

Format:  Online

Offered:  Spring & Fall

Prerequisites:  None  

This course is a basic Spanish class designed to enhance communication between healthcare professionals and their Spanish-speaking patients.  A goal of the course is to facilitate the acquisition of the critical language most commonly needed and essential in a medical setting.  The course is also designed to explore the cultural customs of the Hispanic community to help sensitize the healthcare professional to enable effective relationships between the medical professional and patients.  The course is intended to help create a more satisfying, comfortable and successful clinical encounter for all involved.

Oral Motor/Feeding/Swallowing Development & Changes across the Lifespan

Course Number: NURS 2610

Type & Hours:  3 semester credit hours

Format:  Online

Offered:  Spring & Fall

Prerequisites:  None  

This course is designed to provide nurses with knowledge of oral motor/feeding/swallowing skill acquisition in typically developing population, common diagnosis's/early life experiences that may impact skill acquisition and changes to swallow/feeding function that may occur due to aging and/or illness. This will provide the nurse with the necessary framework to support patients and families who encounter obstacles in maintaining oral nutrition with appropriate intervention, anticipatory guidance and support across a variety of practice settings.

Interpersonal & Family Violence

Course Number: NURS 3610 or NURS 5110

Type & Hours:  3 semester credit hours

Format:  Online

Offered:  Summer

Prerequisites:  None  

This elective course examines the causes and consequences of interpersonal and family violence as well as the influence of culture and community. Current topics and issues related to violence prevention, intervention, and policy will be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective. Subtypes of violence covered in the course will include child abuse, dating violence, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

Holistic Health & Mindfulness Meditation

Course Number: NHSC 3400

Type & Hours:  24 Contact hours Format: 

Format:  Online and In-Seat

Offered:  Fall & Spring

Prerequisites:  None  

Cost:  $300**

Apply:  Elective How to Apply & Register

Stress and Anxiety is a part of our being human, whether it breaks or stretches us is dependent upon how we relate to the circumstances of our life.  At the end of 4-week online "Holistic Health & Mindfulness Meditation" course students will be able to apply mindfulness to cope, to communicate, to connect, to care, to collaborate, to create your best lives from what is best in you.  With this class you will learn the habits of Mind and Re-Turn your attention to what illuminates your wellness. You will remember who you are beyond the immediate stress you are experiencing. You will use mindfulness to improve interactions with others and to increase your success in your professional and/or college student life.  


Holistic Health & Herbal Wellness

Course Number: NHSC 3200

Type & Hours:  28 Contact Hours

Format:  Online and In-Seat

Offered:  Fall & Spring & Summer - Summer 2015 Flyer

Prerequisites:  None  

Cost:  $600**

Apply:  Elective How to Apply & Register

Holistic Health & Herbal Wellness is an interactive, foundational class covering herbal treatments for holistic self-care. Topics include introduction to herbal materia medica by body system, herbal preparations and formulations, herbal actions, and herbal first aid.   The class will be taught using the Vitalist Model, which features healing methods supportive of the life force through plant-based medicines, nourishment, digestion, rest, and movement.  

Herb kit for class use included with cost! 

This course is not and should not be construed as the giving of medical advice or the replacement of the advice or recommendations for treatment of any condition or symptom by a licensed health care provider. Before ingesting or using any type of herbal preparation or material you should discuss possible side effects with a licensed health care provider or licensed pharmacist.  Students are not encouraged to create their own herbs or herbal supplements or to self-treat, or treat conditions or symptoms. 

Our selection of elective offerings grows to meet the needs of our students and the communities our graduates serve.   

Don't see something you're looking for?  Please email us your suggestions at bees@uccs.edu and if there is enough interest we will explore the possibility of offering your suggested topic.   

*Students attempting to utilize elective courses as part of their degree completion should always consult with their academic advisor prior to taking any course.  Courses listed are not guaranteed to be accepted in any specific program of study or towards degree completion, and students should always consult with their academic advisor prior to taking a course.  

**For cost and fees please visit Financial Information.

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