Public Safety

Recent Accomplishments
  • Wrote into policy a ban on patrol vehicles idling in winter when parked-unattended
  • Converted 4 of the 5 patrol vehicles to hybrid
  • Upgraded all DPS appliances to Energy Star
  • Paper is recycled throughout the office
  • Retrofitted all DPS interior lighting to energy efficient lighting
  • Implemented motorcycle patrol unit to save on use of petroleum products
  • Signs located throughout the department reminding staff to turn off lights when not occupying a room 
  • Supported and participated in annual Bike Jam event
  • Added two more bikes to campus bike loan program
  • Added bike racks and bike lockers around campus
  • Recycled more paper. Saved 14 trees (2 more than 2009), producing about 2800 pounds to recycling (up 400 pounds from 2009).
  • Created sustainable transportation marketing materials such as bulletin boards, handouts, and shuttle ads in order to increase awareness and education regarding sustainable options at UCCS
  • Implemented campus "Share the Road" program that includes pavement markings and signage
  • Installed motion sensors in common areas not used often such as break rooms
  • Supported and participated in annual Bike Jam event
  • Ordered new bike racks and lockers for U Hall and added bike rack at Four Diamonds.
  • Participated in Health Fair
  • Participated in Earth Day
  • Participated in Bike for Bagels 
  • Collaborated with David Havlick's Sustainability Seminar Class
  • Researched ways to get biodiesel again for shuttle busses
  • Marketed sustainable transportation options
  • Conducted surveys at campus events

Future Plans

  • Hold DPS Mt. Trashmore event to see how well DPS is recycling
  • Upgrade lighting on level five of the parking garage
  • Continue to support campus sustainability events
  • Actively market sustainable transportation options
  • Participate in "Bike to Work Day"

Recent Accomplishments

  • Provided a preferred, reserved parking space for hybrid and low emission vehicles
  • Supported the proposed trolley route to connect downtown Colorado Springs to campus
  • Converted 4 out of 5 patrol vehicles to hybrid
  • Installed bike racks on new shuttle buses
  • Wrote into policy that Parking Office employees will attempt to match persons together who are renting a motor pool vehicle and driving to same location on same date
  • Used biodiesel for all campus shuttle buses until local provider stopped carrying biodiesel
  • Purchased two bicycle repair toolboxes for onsite bicycle repairs for University Center and University Hall
  • Implemented UCarshare rental car program for students so that they can consider leaving their cars at home

Future Plans

  • Implement campus ride finders program
  • Support development of Rural Transit District (RTD) to reinstate bus service to campus
  • Partner with Colorado Springs Mountain Metro for free or discounted bus passes
  • Continue to seek ways to get shuttle busses back to biodiesel