2010-11 Academic Year
  • Partnered with the Office of Sustainability to provide each resident with a move-in sustainability gift and information. It included a recycled notebook, refillable water bottle, energy efficient light bulb and information about recycling and water conservation.
  • Resident Assistants did a variety of programming through the year that included water conservation and recycling programs.
  • One of our Senior Resident Assistants has been assigned to be the liaison to the Sustainability Office to ensure that programming attempts are well marketing in housing as well as to keep signage update in the halls.

Housing Opening: August 16 & 17, 2011

  • Residence Life and Housing gave a reusable water bottle to each resident as they checked in to encourage refill and reuse rather than purchase of prefilled water.
  • Residents also received a CFL blub to encourage electric conservation.

Sustainability Games: September 22, 2011

  • Promotes sustainable living and helping the community
  • Residents played Lawn bowling with recyclable containers, board games that required residents to think of ways to make our residential community more sustainable, discussed ways that 2nd Vail could provide a sustainable living community and impact the Colorado Springs community. 
  • Residents learned about the opportunities afforded to students by the Office of Sustainability 
  • RA was assisted by the Office of Sustainability and facilitated a contest to determine which room on his floor could utilize the concepts learned during the floor program. 

Recycle Week: March 12th-16th

  • The Office of Sustainability provided information concerning the benefits of recycling in the community. The Office of Sustainability discussed how to recycle and the RA challenged residents to a recycling contest. The competition was between individual rooms on 2nd Aspen and residents would have to place recyclable items in a designated box. The RA checked each afternoon to see if residents had placed the correct recyclable items in the boxes. For each recyclable item, residents received 1 point; for each incorrect item the room received a negative point. 
  • The RA planned to educate residents on the importance of recycling in in the residential community, UCCS community, and the larger community in which they live. The RA intended on residents to learn about the variety of experiences they could get involved within the Office of Sustainability. 
RecycleMania 2012: Spring 2012 
  • The Office of Residence Life and Housing and the Office of Sustainability partnered to facilitate the RecycleMania 2012 program in both Summit and Alpine Villages. The RecycleMania program is an eight-week long event where schools across the nation compete to determine who has the best recycling rate and lowest waste per person. 
  • The RecycleMania program fostered community and educated residents in both villages about what items should be recycled, composted, or labeled landfill items.

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN): Spring 2012

  • The Office of Residence Life and Housing was approached by a freshman resident to facilitate an energy conservation program titled "Campus Conservation Nationals". This particular program is a new program that is being implemented across college campus and is a competition to determine which schools conserves the most electric/water energy and for our campus, we attempted to determine which building or buildings conserve the most energy. The Office of Sustainability worked closely with the Energy Service Corp, the freshman resident and the Campus Conservation Nationals program.


  • Continue staff support with the SRA Liaison program with the Office of Sustainability
  • New housing halls will be built to LEED Gold certification.