On-Campus Advertising Guidelines

Information for ad placement in:
Guidelines for ALL on-campus advertising through Auxiliary Services Marketing:

Ads must fit into one of the following categories:

1. Ads for approved campus student club/organization events and activities
Advertised events must be hosted by a UCCS registered/recognized club or organization. Events must be registered and approved through the ROAR Office and be open to all students. Member-only advertising, or advertising for the sole purpose of increasing membership is not accepted.

2. Ads for campus departmental services/offerings
Ads must be for an event or service that appeals to/affects a large percentage of students, faculty and/or staff. Eligibility to advertise does not guarantee placement.

The promotion of non-university entities or organizations is not allowed. To comply with University policy, all programs, services and events advertised must be open to anyone in the campus community and may not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, political affiliation, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.



Cost: FREE

The Commode Chronicles fills up fast. If you want to reserve space in a current or future issue, please contact us early to hold the space for you.

Please provide all requested information (see below) to commode@uccs.edu by 12:00 p.m. on the submission deadline - the Wednesday before the first day of the requested edition. A full list of edition dates and deadlines is listed below. If we do not receive your ad by the deadline, even if you reserved the space in advance, your space will be forfeited and replaced by another ad on the waiting list. If you are requesting design assistance, all requests should be made no later than noon on the Monday before the submission deadline so that we have ample time to design the ad.

NOTE: There are only eight available ad spots in the Commode Chronicles.  Auxiliary departments pay for the entire publication and are guaranteed four of the twelve ads in each edition. For the remaining eight ads, preference is given to events and departments who have not advertised during the current semester. Ads are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The Auxiliary Services Marketing department reserves the right to edit submitted ads. All decisions on editing and ad placement are final.

There are two options for ad design/creation:

Option 1: The Auxiliary Services Marketing office designs an ad for you if you provide:

  • The EXACT text as you would like it to appear in the ad. Descriptions should be brief and concise; include short bullet points or a quick, one-sentence description.
  • If it is an event, provide event name, date(s), location and time(s). If it is a service, provide location of the service.
  • Contact information for viewers who have questions or need additional information (this could be a website, phone number, email, etc.). If you are submitting a QR code as part of your ad, please include an alternative contact method (email, website, phone) for those who may not be able to access QR codes.
  • All submitted images or logos must be high resolution and cannot contain copyrighted materials.
  • UCCS/department logos will not be included in ads as these become too small to read at final size.
  • The preferred edition(s)/date for ad placement.

Option 2: Design your own ad

  • A file copy of your ad that is three times (3X) the size of the final Commode Chronicles ad. Preferred file formats include (.jpg, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .pub).
  • Dimensions of the final Commode Chronicles ads are 2.5" W X 4.5" H.
  • Font size must be no smaller than 9pt at final, printed size.
    Design Tip: Print a copy of your ad at the final size. Text should be easily readable from a distance of several feet. If not - your text is too small and you will be asked to edit the submitted ad.
  • Images must be high resolution and cannot contain copyrighted materials.
  • Colors of text and background images should complement each other and be easy to read.
    Design Tip: Use contrasting colors that allow text to stand out. Avoid colors that will be hard to read when printed, such as black text on a dark blue background.
  • DO NOT include UCCS/departmental logos as these become too small to read at final size and are repetetive and unnecessary on this internal document.
  • The preferred edition(s)/date for ad placement.

The Dates/Editions and Deadlines for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Semesters Are:

Edition #

Start Date

End Date

Submission Deadline


December 8

December 21

December 3


Winter Break Issue December 22

January 18, 2015

December 17


January 19

February 1

January 14


February 2

February 15

January 28


February 16

March 1

February 11


March 2

March 15

February 25


March 16

March 29

March 11


March 30

April 12

March 25


April 13

April 26

April 8


April 27

May 10

April 22



Cost: $50 per month, plus the cost of production. Auxiliary Services Marketing works with the UCCS Copy Center to get these ordered. Price depends on material used and quantity ordered, but typically ranges between $110-180 per poster.

Bus shelters are available to on-campus departments. No outside advertising will be permitted.

To produce your ad:

  • Build your files at 1/2 size (23.5"w x 34"h) at 300 dpi. Final document size will be 47"w x 68"h.
  • Copy Area is 22"w x 32.5"h (Any copy outside of this area will be cut off).
  • Finished document setup should be created in this format, any other format is not acceptable:
    • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign (AI, EPS, TIF, PSD, INDD format).
    • Save all files including the individual graphic elements in CMYK mode.
    • All photographs and images should be scanned at 300 dpi or higher. Do not use copyrighted images or materials.
    • All text and line art should be scanned in at 800-1000 dpi.
    • Include all screen and printer fonts, and supporting files on your final disk.
    • All files must be accompanied by a color proof of the final file.
  • Auxiliary Services Marketing can assist in locating a vendor for you to produce these posters, or you can use your own vendor (see below).

If you are printing your own ad:

  • Printing process can be Silk Screen, Digital, or Lithographic Printing.
  • Poster materials: Duratrans, Rexam, Opaline, Ultraform with a maximum thickness of 0.25 mm. If you plan to have your poster on display for more than one month, you must have it printed on one of the above-mentioned plastic-based materials, or something comparable. DO NOT have your poster printed on plain paper as it does not withstand the elements over time.
  • Overall size (paper trim): 47"w x 68"h
  • Display area (viewing area): 45"w x 67"h
  • Copy area: 44"w x 65"h.

If you have questions regarding design or printing, please contact Holly Kaspar at hkaspar@uccs.edu.


Cost: FREE to advertise, but your department is responsible for printing and laminating the posters. ALL shuttle bus ad designs MUST be submitted to Auxiliary Services Marketing for approval prior to printing.

Advertising for on-campus departments is accepted for the interior of campus shuttle buses.  

  • The final, printed design should be 11" H x 17" W - landscape.
  • Auxiliary Marketing needs to approve the content/design in advance prior to posting. Submissions may be sent to Holly Kaspar at hkaspar@uccs.edu for approval.
  • After approval, 11 laminated copies should be delivered to the parking office. The UCCS Copy Center can assist with printing and lamination.
  • Please include an expiration date printed in in small text the bottom right of ads. This is the date by which you'd like your poster taken down from the buses.
  • If an advertised event has a specific date or is time specific, the ad must be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the event.
  • If ads have a specific time deadline, they are guaranteed space until the posted time OR for one month, which ever comes first. If space is available, non deadline-specific ads may be displayed for additional time at the discretion of Parking Services.



Cost: FREE

In the University Center, there are a total of three locations for digital signage.  Signs are located on the first floor (along the hallway between the Bookstore and the south entrance) and also on the second floor (near Jazzman's Café and Berger Hall).

All ads should be submitted to Holly Kaspar in Auxiliary Services Marketing (hkaspar@uccs.edu) for approval prior to posing. Ads will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The Auxiliary Services Marketing department reserves the right to edit submitted ads. All decisions on editing and ad placement are final.

You can submit either a still image or a video:


Photoshop or a similar design program can be used to create content.  Images must be formatted as jpg, jpeg, png, or gif files. Content created in PowerPoint is not compatible with the new system unless saved in one of the formats above. Please ensure the ad is formatted correctly. The ad image must be created in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels - or as an 11" high by 17" wide (landscape) design.

Video Clips

Videos can be submitted as mpg, mpeg, mp4, or swf files. Please keep in mind that there will be no volume, videos with captions are acceptable.

Submission Process

  1. Please submit the ad to Auxiliary Services Marketing at hkaspar@uccs.edu for approval prior to submissiont to the UC Digital Signage
  2. Once approved, you may submit the ad in an approved file format along with the requested dates for airing of the ad.  Ads can run for a maximum of one semester on a space-available basis. 
  3. Files must be submitted at least two business days prior to the requested first date of ad posting.
  4. Late submissions will be accepted; however, we cannot guarantee the content will post immediately. 
  5. Email content for posting or questions to ucdigisn@uccs.edu.
  6. Eligibility to advertise and submission of an advertisement does not guarantee placement on any of the digital signs.  



Cost: FREE

This weekly electronic newsletter is sent to students (usually on Mondays). It features a compilation of campus events, announcements and ads for campus services. Submissions can be sent to clyde@uccs.edu.