b. Statement Addressing Interagency Relationships with Local and State Law

The UCCS PD recognizes the importance of maintaining close and cooperative working
relationships with the City of Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), the El Paso County
Sheriff's Office (EPSO), and the El Paso County District Attorney's Office. The UCCS PD
meets with these departments on a formal and informal basis and on specific issues as the
need arises. Through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the CSPD, while off campus
in city jurisdiction. UCCS PD is granted enforcement authority of State of Colorado criminal
offenses as well as City traffic and parking violations within a pre-defined enforcement
boundary. Any University owned or leased property in outlying areas is patrolled jointly by both

All of these law enforcement departments share information to track offender criminal histories
and arrest information, as well as crime trend information. The UCCS PD has direct lines of
communication with these departments, which allow for fast, efficient coordination when
necessary. The UCCS PD also works with other state and federal law enforcement agencies
as required.

Finally, under Colorado Revised Statute 29-5-103 (Assignment of police officers or deputy
sheriffs for temporary duty), UCCS PD has statutory authority to provide assistance to other
law enforcement agencies as needed and required; and, under Colorado Revised Statute 29-
5-104 (Request for temporary assignment of police officers or deputy sheriffs – authority),
UCCS PD has the authority to request law enforcement personnel from other agencies as
needed, or required, to deal with emergency situations on campus.

Expanded Statement on Working Relationship with Outside Law Enforcement Agencies
The UCCS PD maintains an active Intergovernmental Agreement with the Colorado Springs
Police Department. The specific boundary areas are described in the IGA, and are available
upon request. The IGA allows the UCCS PD to enforce municipal traffic and parking
ordinances within the defined “Enforcement Boundary”, with all traffic and parking summonses
issued off campus will be cited into the City of Colorado Springs Municipal Court.

Additionally, the agreement also allows the UCCS PD to enforce certain Municipal ordinances
on campus such as Noise Complaints, Fireworks, Drinking in Public, Drinking in Vehicles, and
Possession (of alcohol) Prohibited. The UCCS PD routinely provides assistance to CSPD
Officers responding to calls within the Enforcement Boundaries.

A printed copy of the IGA is maintained on file at the UCCS PD, and is available for review by
any member of the public or University Community upon request.