a. UNIVERSITY COUNSELING CENTER  Confidential ResourceMain Hall 324(719) 255-3265Email - counsel@uccs.edu | www.uccs.edu/counsel/

The University Counseling Center (UCC) offers a variety of services and interventions tostudents who are currently enrolled at UCCS. Students are charged very affordable fees forcounseling services. As a way to address developmental needs, provide preventiveinformation and enhance the quality of campus life, UCC conducts workshops on topics suchas acquaintance rape, healthy relationships, study skills and stress management. Please referto the following website for further information: www.uccs.edu/counsel.

University “mental health clinicians”, when acting as such, are not considered to be a campussecurity authority and are not required to report crimes for inclusion into the annual disclosureof crime statistics. Students who have been victims of crime and who address those issues intherapy at the University Counseling Center are made aware of their reporting options and areencouraged to report the crime as a part of therapy. However, it is made very clear to thestudent that the final decision to report or not report is left up to the student.

You may use the University’s on-line anonymous reporting option athttps://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=14973. If youchoose the anonymous reporting please be aware that the report cannot be immediatelyviewed. If there is an immediate threat to life or safety please call one of the above listedphone numbers immediately.


   Keystone Hall, 3107 

   (719) 255-4324


The Office of Discrimination and Harassment (ODH) investigates allegations of discrimination, harassment and related retaliation based upon an individual's Protected Class.  All allegations of harassment or discrimination by faculty, staff or students are investigated by the ODH.  Anyone who believes that he or she has experienced or witnessed discrimination, harassment or related retaliation should promptly report such behavior to the ODH. The Discrimination and Harassment Officers may appoint an investigator to conduct the investigations. 

c. Campus Resources and Services

Disability Serviceshttp://www.uccs.edu/~dservice/ (719) 255-3354 Main Hall 105
Office of Discrimination and Harassmenthttp://www.uccs.edu/~odh/ (719) 255-4324 Keystone Hall 3107
Housing and Residential Lifehttp://www.uccs.edu/~residence/ (719) 255-4042 Monarch Hall 1102
Human Resourceshttp://www.uccs.edu/~hr/ (719) 255-3372 Cragmor Hall 101
LGBT Resource Centerhttp://www.uccs.edu/~lgbtresourcecenter/ (719) 255-7527 University Center 110
MOSAIC (Multicultural Office for StudentAccess, Inclusiveness, Community)http://www.uccs.edu/~mosaic/ (719) 255-3319 University Center 110
Office of Dean of Studentshttp://www.uccs.edu/~dos/ (719) 255-3838 Main Hall 322
Office of Veteran & Military Student Affairshttp://www.uccs.edu/military/index.html (719) 255-3253 Forster House
Rape Counseling -  Confidential Resourcehttp://www.uccs.edu/~counsel/ (719) 255-3265 Main Hall 324
Sexual Harassment Office Policy:https://www.cu.edu/policies/aps/hr/5014.html (719) 255-4324 Keystone Hall 3107
Student Activities Officehttp://www.uccs.edu/~osa/ (719) 255-3540 University Center 104
Student Health Centerhttp://www.uccs.edu/~shc/ (719) 255-4444 Public Safety Bldg 109
University Centerhttp://www.uccs.edu/~uc/ (719) 255-3450 University Center 101E
University Counseling Center - Confidential Resourcehttp://www.uccs.edu/~counsel/ (719) 255-3265 Main Hall 324
Student Successhttp://www.uccs.edu/~ssc/ (719) 255-3582 Main Hall 412

Violence Prevention/ Respect on Campus - ROC


This website raises awareness and increase knowledge

about dating and domestic abuse, stalking and sexual

assault with the goal to end a culture of violence.

(719) 255-3033


 TO REPORT A CRIME OR EMERGENCYEmergency....................................dial 9-1-1

University Policehttp://www.uccs.edu/~pusafety/ 719 255-3111
Emergency Information Line 719 255-3346
Parking Operationshttp://www.uccs.edu/~pts/  719 255-3528
Colorado Springs Police 719 444-7000
Colorado State Patrol 719 544-2424
El Paso Sheriff 719 390-5555
El Paso County Search and Rescue 719 635-9400