a. Statement Addressing How to Report a Crime or Emergency on Campus


The UCCS PD responds to all reports of crimes and suspicious activities that occur on campus and other properties owned, operated or under the control of the UCCS. UCCS PD is generally the first to respond to any emergency or call for service. The CSPD respond to crimes reported elsewhere in the city. However, the University Police Department and the City of Colorado Springs Police Department have a close working relationship and may coordinate their responses to crimes as appropriate.

Officers respond to crime reports as appropriate using state and municipal laws as guidelines. These officers decide to detain, arrest, or merely warn offenders based on established standards of criminal or constitutional law. UCCS Police officers write reports on all law violations; administration uses the reports to compile daily, monthly, and yearly statistics for the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. UCCS Police officers also review and investigate reports of old or "cold" crimes.