a. Statement Addressing Access to Campus Facilities

I. Residence Halls

All residence hall doors that lead to living areas are locked 24 hours a day. The lobbies of the
Housing Villages are staffed Monday through Fridays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. During
these hours, a resident may enter the hall through the lobby or common area or use an
access card to enter the hall through several outside doors. Access to residence halls is
restricted to residents and guests. Friends and guests of a resident may enter the lobby or
common areas and use a house phone to contact the resident they are visiting. A guest may
access any residential facility if a housing resident accompanies them. The resident is
responsible for escorting their guest(s) at all times, and for explaining housing rules and
regulations to each guest. At check in, residents are provided with keys for their room,
mailbox and the outside doors of their hall. Keys may be metal keys, electronic access cards
or a combination of both. Outside doors to residence halls should never be propped open,
and malfunctioning doors should be reported to the hall office. Residents are advised to lock
their rooms whenever they leave and to carry their key/access card at all times. All residence
hall keys remain the property of the university, and duplication of residence hall keys is
prohibited. It is against residence hall policy for people to have residence hall keys that were
issued in someone else’s name. Only original university keys are accepted when residents
check out of the halls. If a resident loses his or her keys, the lock on the room door is
changed at the resident’s expense. It is the responsibility of the resident to notify the
residence hall office if keys have been lost. Residents should never allow strangers to follow
them through locked security doors into their residence hall.

Residence Hall Maintenance Work Orders. Residents are responsible for reporting to the Office of Residence Life and Housing problems or issues that may arise within their personal suite.  The on duty staff make several rounds through all common areas of the housing village during their duty rotation and report any maintenance concerns via the housing work order system; if an issue is found after hours that affects the health or safety of residents the issue is reported to the on call maintenance staff or a return to campus.  Work orders are typically attended to within 24 hours of receiving the request for work Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.  Afterhours or weekends residents are instructed to report the concern to the on duty staff and an assessment will occur.  If the on duty staff cannot remedy the situation then the on call maintenance staff is request to return to campus to attend to the concern. 

Auxiliary Operations. As a part of the shared services of the Auxiliary Operations the structural trades group is available to be called back for any afterhours issues in any of the auxiliary operations facilities. The on-call number for housing would be used for any of the other auxiliary operations facilities.

II. Campus Buildings

As a member of the campus community, you (as well as university guests and visitors) have
access to most campus buildings and facilities during regular business and class hours
(Monday – Saturday, from 07:30 am to 10:30 pm) and for scheduled classes and events on
Sundays, excluding most holidays. The Department of Public Safety is responsible for locking
and unlocking designated university buildings and for patrols of campus grounds and
buildings. If you need assistance in gaining authorized entry outside of business hours to a
university building or room and no other help is available, you may call the University Police at

b. Statement Addressing Maintenance of Facilities and Security

I. Lighting

Exterior campus lighting is essential to creating a safe campus environment. Parking lots,
main pedestrian walkways and bike paths, and most campus building exteriors are lighted
either all night long or several hours past the end of the last class. The exterior lighting receives
a comprehensive inspection by the Department of Public Safety to identify any unreported lighting failures or deficiencies and resulting issues are placed into a work order routed to the Facilities Department for correction. You are encouraged to report any exterior lighting problems by either submitting a work order to Facilities Services via website https://ithelp.uccs.edu/cherwellportal/facilities#0 or by calling Facilities at (719) 255-3313, or by calling the Department of Public Safety at (719) 255-3111.

II. Trees, Vines, and Shrubs

Campus grounds-keepers, Facilities Services staff,  trim trees, vines, shrubs, and other vegetation on a regular basis to
maintain campus security. Obstructing vegetation is trimmed away from pedestrian walkways,
building entrances, windows, and lighting fixtures. You are encouraged to report any specific
concerns regarding vegetation to Facilities Services via website
https://ithelp.uccs.edu/cherwellportal/facilities#0 by calling (719) 255-3313, or by calling the
Department of Public Safety at (719) 255-3111.

III. Doors and Locks

UCCS PD personnel regularly patrol the exterior and interior of campus buildings throughout
the night, on weekends and during holidays. These officers report door lock and security
hardware failures to Facilities Services on a daily basis.