Military Science Minor

A minor in Military Science is available to qualified students:

  • Participants in the minor program must be contracted in the Army ROTC Advanced Course.

  • Final award of this minor is dependent on the receipt and acceptance after graduation from CU-Colorado Springs of a commission in the US Army as a second lieutenant.

  • Attendance at National Advanced Leadership Course (MS 303) is mandatory for all contracted cadets.  However, attendance is not contingent on taking the course for credit.  Students may not retroactively seek credit for attendance.

  • All 18 hours required for a minor in Military Science must be taken at CU-Colorado Springs.  Students transferring from another Army ROTC program to the program at UCCS may petition to the Professor of Military Science for an exception to this policy.

  • There are no other electives applicable to this minor.

Military Science Minor Course Description


MSL 301 Fundamentals of Military Leadership and Training I


MSL 302 Fundamentals of Military Leadership and Training II 3
MSL 303 National Advanced Leadership Course 3
MSL 401 Leadership, Management and Ethics 3
MSL 402 Transition to Lieutenant 3
HIST 479 The American Military Experience 3
Total Credits 18