MSIV (Senior)

Seminar in Leadership and Management

MS401: Analysis of selected leadership and management problems. Responsibilities of the commander and staff in areas of personnel, intelligence, operations, logistics and administration of military law. Also a study of the inter-relationships of the military team.

MS402: Practical applications of duties and responsibilities of U.S. Army second lieutenants, with an emphasis on ethics and personnel actions. Analysis of military principles and doctrine by studying an actual battle and conducting a battle staff ride.

PREREOUISITE: Must have completed up to and including the Military Science 301/302 level of instruction.

Purpose: This course will train the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for commissioning a new second lieutenant and to establish a sound foundation for a career as a commissioned officer. Concurrently, you will develop, plan, resource, and execute the training plan for the Bulldog Battalion. The desired endstate is a well trained and motivated cadet battalion and each MS IV graduated and commissioned and prepared to assume the duties of an officer in the United States Army.

This course will emphasize communications skills and training management. The ability to communicate, orally and in writing, is probably the single most critical task for a leader. Each of your assignments will be evaluated for clear concise communications skills using the active voice. Your ability to effectively manage training opportunities and resources is critical to the success of our battalion. This ability determines the effectiveness of training events and directly correlates to success on the battlefield.