MSIII (Junior)

Applied Leadership and management

MS301: Analysis of psychological, physiological and sociological factors, which affect human behavior. Analysis of leadership and management processes. Techniques in planning, presenting, and evaluating performance instruction, to include practical application.

MS302: A study of tactics applied at the squad and platoon level to include a study of the modern battlefield and current military tactical doctrine. Analysis and practical application in planning, directing, coordinating the efforts of individuals and small units in the execution of offensive and defensive tactical missions.

PREREOUISITE: Completion of Military Science 1 and 2 and a standing academic grade level of Junior.

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of MILS 3010 and MILS 3020 is to prepare all MS III cadets for Warrior Forge/Leadership Development Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, Washington. Critical to success at camp will the ability to accomplish many tasks, some of which are; conduct troop leading procedures, lead peers, prepare and issue operations orders both orally and written IAW (in accordance with) FM 7-8, land navigate, and score 80% or better on each event on the APFT IAW FM 21-20. This will be accomplished by focusing classroom instruction on Team building, the military planning process and patrolling. You will also be placed in multiple leadership roles. The MS III instructor will plan and conduct physical training for the fall semester. Physical training is the basis of so many aspects of military life and we will conduct hard physical training that will challenge you both mentally and physically!

Cadets will also prepare and give oral briefings to build confidence and communicative skills.