Military Ball

The Military Ball is an annual spring event celebrating the completion of another training and academic year. All Cadets attend this event in the company of each other and guests. Special guests are invited each year to encourage the Battalion with their words during a speech as well as to award distinguished Cadets. Each year about two dozen Cadets are recognized in their leadership, academics, physical fitness, and military bearing. This event does not just celebrate individual achievements, but the successes of the Battalion as a whole; from the freshmen class making it through their first year of a new lifestyle to the senior class on the edge of their seats to commission and move on to the next stage of life and career opportunities.

The anual Military Ball takes place on the campus of our University (UCCS). We are excited to have this opportunity and be seen on campus as a professional organization that holds possibilities for all varieties of college students interested in serving and bettering themselves in the art of leadership. The ball will consist of a social hour, full-course dinner, speech, Battalion video, awards ceremony, and performances by the Army Band. As a Battalion we fundraise throughout the year so that our Cadets and guests do not have to pay to attend! Cadets that are 21 and over will have the option of purchasing two alcoholic beverages IF they have proof of a designated driver. Contracted cadets will wear their ASUs and guests can expect to dress formally as this is a special occasion for our Battalion!