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Riverrun 2000-2005Scope of the Collections

The collections of the UCCS Archives consist of materials generated by offices, organizations and individuals important to the development of the Colorado Springs campus. These collections contain primary source material, including correspondence, reports, photographs, publications, scrapbooks, audio-visual recordings, press clippings and printed ephemera. The collections exist to support, supplement, and complement programs of research, education, and scholarship on the UCCS campus.

Description of the Collections

As part of an on-going process, descriptions of the UCCS Archives are being added to the Kraemer Family Library catalog so they can be discovered with other relevant, published works. Finding aids with descriptions are available for all processed collections in the UCCS University Archives.

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Collection Development Policy, UCCS Archives

The UCCS Archives includes administrative records and materials that document UCCS groups, activities, development or experiences. In keeping with our mission statement the UCCS University Archives actively collects in the following areas:

  • Institutional Records
    • Documents and materials generated in the operations of the campus.
    • Examples can include but are not limited to correspondence, reports, committee minutes, agendas and publications.
  • UCCS Theses and Dissertations
    • Central Administrative Records
      • Recorded information issued by the administration of the University of Colorado pertaining primarily or entirely to UCCS.
      • These can include but are not limited to reports and studies.

    The UCCS Archives collects the following materials:

    • Faculty materials
      • Correspondence and personal papers
      • Lecture notes
      • Class outlines
    • Student materials
      • Official and counterculture student newspapers
      • Student government records
      • Club materials
      • Ephemera, e.g. flyer for a campus event.
    • Recordings and Photographs
      • Digital and Analog
      • Audio and Video

    We do not collect the following records:

    • Personnel records of faculty, staff and students
    • Admissions records
    • Payroll records
    • Purchasing records
    • Accounting records
    • Grade books
    • Examinations

    Faculty writings published commercially are catalogued in the Kraemer Family Library collection and are not considered part of the UCCS Archives. All donations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis which assesses their enduring value and preservation requirements. Born digital materials may be reformatted to maintain access.

    The UCCS Archives seeks to foster mutually beneficial relationships with the Archives and Special Collections of the University of Colorado in areas of access, collection development and usage. The UCCS Archives collects materials relating to the Colorado Springs campus and we make every effort not to duplicate the collecting efforts of others.

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