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For freshmen students new to UCCS For students transferring college credit from other colleges, and for students returning to UCCS For all domestic and international students who have already completed a Bachelor's Degree and are pursuing a Master's or Doctoral program For all international student applicants, not residents of U.S. territories, applying to an undergraduate program for a Bachelor's degree.
For those seeking innovative and diverse lifelong learning opportunities, Extended Studies broadens the resources of UCCS in non-traditional ways For students who wish to take courses at UCCS, but who are not seeking a degree

Undergraduate students should use the Online Application

Graduate students please use the Printable Application pdf

Online Application Online Application Online Application Online Application Online Application
Questions? e-mail us at go@uccs.edu or call 719-255-3084 or toll free 1-800-990-8227 extension 3084.
Campus Safety and Security Report & Fire Safety Report

The university’s Annual Safety and Security Report & Fire Safety Report is available online. This federally mandated report includes a summary of the university’s security policy statements, campus crime and fire statistics for the previous three years, responsibilities to report, campus safety and crime prevention programs, emergency notification systems and process, and other safety information.
This report is available at http://www.uccs.edu/asr/index.html.
The university will provide a paper copy of this report upon request. To request a paper copy, send your request to police@uccs.edu or call police dispatch at (719) 255-3111.