Forrest Tierson Photo

Forest Tierson, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Tierson has been a part of the University of Colorado Community since 1982.


B.A., M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York, Albany.

Honors and Fellowships

Dr. Tierson was on the Dean's list throughout his Undergraduate career. He was awarded the State University of New York at Albany Presidential Award for distinguished doctoral dissertation. He was the recipient of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award in 1988.


Primatology; Human Population Genetics/Genetic Structure of Populations; Population Growth and Structure/Demographic Applications/Computer Simulations; Maternal Nutrition during Pregnancy/Fetal Development/Influences of Environmental Factors on Pregnancy Outcome.

Professional Societies

American Association of Physical Anthropologists

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