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December 2011

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Winter Greetings from the School of Public Affairs
I remember when I was in college thinking about dichotomies and then realizing that there really are no “two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups.” This thought came to me again as I have thought about how the world is both at once so small because of technology, and yet individuals still reach out for human connections to reduce their aloneness.

The School of Public Affairs has, for several years, offered the Master of Criminal Justice and the Master of Public Administration degrees completely online.   Now the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice can be completed online. In addition, the CISCO telepresense technology allows students in different communities, even across the world, to join together virtually to learn in real time together. The School of Public Affairs website www.uccs.edu/spa is another example of a world made smaller by technology.

But, there continue to be those necessary human touches and connections that make each of us aware of the enormity of the world and the need to be connected to each other, to be part of a community. One example, School of Public Affairs alumni, faculty, staff, and friends gathered to talk about the very human activity of writing. Another example, most recently the School of Public Affairs gained a seat in the Senate of the Student Government Association, an organization the mission of which is to work together as a student-led organization, representing and advocating for the student population and to promote the community.

So I continue to think about the world becoming smaller or is it becoming increasingly huge?   Are we more joined or are we more alienated? What can join us together and what continues to separate us? These questions are ones that I explored many years ago and are questions that are continuing to be explored in 2011.

Comments? Questions?  Ideas? Contact Cheri at clee6@uccs.edu

Stocking or Stalking?
In December you might think this article is about stocking, but really it is about stalking. 

January is Stalking Awareness Month. Stalking is defined as a “pattern of behavior targeted at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear.” Does it happen?   27% of college women are stalked and 15% of college men are stalked.
See what you know about stalking by taking the quiz.
Read more about Stalking Awareness Month in the January eNewsletter.  

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.   The Alumni and Friends Networking Reception is April 11, 2012 and will feature Dr. Catherine Kaukinen.

60 + 60 = A Bachelor's Degree

Less than a year ago, Dr. Venkat, Reddy, Dean of the College of Business, rolled out a vision for what he called an online completion program.   As registration for the spring 2012 semester opens, the School of Public Affairs is embracing this vision.

Students can now complete a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice without traveling to campus. For community college students, the addition of online junior- and senior-level online undergraduate courses will allow them to complete degrees while remaining in their home communities in southern Colorado. For military personnel who began their education at UCCS or one of the state’s community colleges, online courses allow them to continue their education even if deployed overseas or transferred to another duty station.
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Capstone: The Old and the NewHeader

Do you remember that evening when you first were introduced to the capstone? For most School of Public Affairs students it is the beginning of the end of a lot of study and hard work.   The topics covered at the Capstone Seminar Meeting  do not change from year to year: the IRB, a review of the syllabus, the Library as your friend, a discussion of capstone topics.   There are changes, however! The MPA and MCJ are both offered completely online, even the Capstone Seminar.

Last May, Orlando White, MPA 2011, was the first student to complete the entire MPA online. In addition, Orlando was inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha, the National Honor Society for Public Administration.
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Alumni, Students, Faculty, Friends Talk about  Writing


Sharing ideas on writing was the focus of the School of Public Affairs Fall Alumni and Friends Networking event, “An Evening with SPA Authors Panel Discussion”   on November 10.
Dr. Terry Schwartz, Associate Dean of the UCCS School of Public Affairs and moderator of the evening’s panel, in her summary comments, noted that “Everyone’s contribution was so rich that it would be impossible to recap everything!”
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SPA Represented in SGA Senate

Beginning in Fall 2011, the School of Public Affairs, because of its growth, is represented by its own Senator in the Student Government Association Senate. The Student Government Association is the student body government for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The Student Government Association creates, implements, and oversees a $200,000 budget that is generated by student fees. The Student Government Association is not only the liaison between the students and the administration, but also between the University and the surrounding community. The Student Government Association is made up of three separate branches, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. They are all bound by the same student adopted document: the Constitution. There are eight Senators:  Senate President from the College of Letters, Arts and Science, Senator of Nursing, Senator of Business, Senator of Graduate Studies, Senator of Sustainability, Senator of Public Affairs, Senator of  Housing and Senator of Multicultural Affairs.

Filling this new position for the School of Public Affairs is Josh Wolfaardt, a senior and Criminal Justice major.

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