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Alumni Connections: Feb 2006
Alumni Success~

Michael Wynne, a 1975 UCCS graduate, was recently named Secretary of the Air Force. As secretary, Wynne is responsible for the affairs of the Air Force including its $110 billion annual budget. Wynne earned a master’s degree in business from UCCS. He also has degrees from the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Special University Club Rates for Alumni Association members
Did you know that there is a growing group of business and professional leaders in the community dedicated to the sustained growth of UCCS? The University Club, was established to focus on the relationship between the local business community and the University, welcomes all business and professional leaders to consider a membership. The group fosters mutual understanding and support between the University and the business community, while actively engaged in student scholarship and faculty/staff recognition awards. Members are asked to contribute time, talents and resources toward enhancing the University’s image as a dynamic component of the Pikes Peak Region. The Club welcomes inquiries; please contact Jaime McMullen Garcia at 719-536-4480 for further information.

 *Join us at our next monthly luncheon, March 7, 2006. Our guest speaker will be Chemistry Professor, Dave Anderson.


Faculty Recognized
Ed Chow, professor, Computer Science, was recognized Jan. 10 as the UCCS New Inventor of the Year by the CU Office of Technology Transfer. Chow, a member of the faculty since 1991, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Web programming, electronic commerce, computer architecture, computer and multimedia communications, computer security and computer networks. His research includes Web security and high-speed networks. Prior to joining the faculty, he was a visiting scientist for IBM and Fujitsu Lab Kawasaki.

Terry Boult, El Pomar Chair of Communication and Computation, and professor, Computer Science, was recognized Jan. 10 as the UCCS Inventor of the Year by the CU Office of Technology Transfer. Boult, a member of the faculty since 2003, works with the Colorado Institute for Technology Transfer and Implementation to assist faculty and local companies to develop new technologies and to transfer them to Colorado industries. His research areas include advanced visual security systems, facial recognition systems, and algorithms for efficient use of wireless networks. Since coming to UCCS, he has disclosed seven inventions and founded Securics, a local company that specializes in biometric security.

Curiosity Unlimited
Curiosity Unlimited, a non-profit Organization, was founded in 1977 by a group of Pikes Peak area alumnae and citizens to provide a forum for stimulating community interests in the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, creating opportunities to become acquainted with UCCS faculty members, study relevant issues through free on-campus lectures, and engage in leisure time learning. More than two hundred UCCS professors have lectured on their areas of expertise. The University provides a program called “Listening In” which offers free class enrollment to residents over 55. As a result of enjoyable encounters with the lectures, many of our members have participated in this program. Some participants have become major UCCS donor/supporters after attending Curiosity Unlimited lectures. An important goal of Curiosity Unlimited is providing scholarships to UCCS students which are made possible by membership dues. Thank you for making possible scholarship awards of $1000 each to four seniors for the academic year 2005-2006. Scholarships totaling $31,250 have been awarded by Curiosity Unlimited to deserving students. Please join us in supporting the goals of Curiosity Unlimited. Meetings are listed on the UCCS calendar at

*Our next meeting will be, March 10, 2006. Carol Schoffstall, Dean of Beth El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, will be speaking about “The Nursing Shortage: Its Impact on Quality Patient Care.” Join us for coffee at 9:30am and the lecture at 10:00am.

In the news~

Café Scientifique. Next Tuesday, February 21, will be the next Cafe Scientifique. As usual it will be at the Warehouse, 25 W. Cimarron St. at 6:30. Next week's topic is -- "Landscape, Ideology, and the Construction of Chacoan Society." The presentation will be by Dr. Ruth Van Dyke from Colorado College. Chaco Canyon is the jewel of Ancestral Puebloan society and is world famous for its architecture and design, This should be a wonderful evening.

Finish faster. In an effort to make it possible for currently enrolled UCCS students or community members to finish their degrees at an accelerated pace, UCCS will offer courses during Spring Break and continuing on weekends in the Spring Semester. The courses that will be offered include offerings from the humanities, social sciences, math and others, including a business course that combines a trip to the slopes for an up-close-and-personal analysis of how skiing is marketed in Colorado. For more information, contact Barbara Gaddis, 255-3688,, or visit

Raising Kane.  High-ability students from the Pikes Peak Region will be eligible for scholarships covering required books, tuition and fees at either UCCS or Pikes Peak Community College, according to the details of a Fountain couple’s charitable trust. For more on the Kane Family Scholars Program, click here

In America, TV a full-time job. The average American watches 40 hours of television a week and is exposed to 1,600 advertising messages a day. But he (or she) only remembers 34, according to Andrew Czaplewski, associate professor, Business. Czaplewski used statistics to illustrate marketing clutter to members of University Club. Czaplewski predicts marketers will use highly sophisticated databases and new technologies to increasingly target customers with advertising messages.

$1 million to aid UCCS construction. CU President Hank Brown president announced that $1 million would be transferred from the CU System to UCCS during a recent campus visit. (MORE).

Joining forces. The UCCS Gerontology Center and Colorado Springs-based Dunn and Associates, Inc., will join forces to develop a new retirement community in southwest Colorado Springs. (MORE)

Freedom Song ready to sing. Colorado Springs is not frequently mentioned in the same breath as Chicago, Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles. But later this month, Colorado Springs will join those great American cities in the launch of Freedom’s Song, a national curriculum designed for middle- and high-school students to learn about African-American history. Colorado Springs was selected because faculty in the UCCS College of Education led the development of the curriculum. A VIP reception is planned for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 17 in the Lodge. A UCCS campus launch is scheduled for 4 p.m. Feb. 23 in the Lodge and a Pikes Peak Community College launch is scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 24. For more information, contact La Vonne Neal, dean, College of Education, 255-4111,, or visit

Homeland security. The Network Information and Space Security Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs will receive $4.6 million as part of the Defense Appropriations Bill signed into law by President George W. Bush Jan. 5. (MORE)

Developing small business. A new director of the Small Business Development Center, Matt Barrett, began Jan. 1. Barrett previously directed the Oklahoma Native American Business Center and served as assistant pastor at a Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, church. (MORE)  

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