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2nd Annual Ageless Cuisine Front Table
2nd Annual Ageless Cuisine Front Table

Neuropsychological Assessment Referral Form (pdf form)
Clear and specific referral questions are essential if a neuropsychological evaluation is to be effective and answer the questions of concern. Often reports of evaluations are less than useful because the questions needing answered were not clearly defined or communicated. This form was developed by the Colorado Springs Gero Consortium to improve communication between those seeking an evaluation and those performing the evaluation of an older adult who may be demonstrating signs of cognitive impairment. The form is the result of a collaborative effort by lawyers, a neuropsychologist, psychologist, social worker, and a judge. Use of this form will help ensure that the evaluator has all the information necessary for an effective neuropsychological evaluation of an older adult and that the final evaluation report provides useful answers to relevant questions regarding functional abilities, optimum living environment, and legal competencies.

Volunteer Opportunities at the Aging Center
Some of the following positions involve direct client contact and/or access to client files. Those position volunteers must complete the UCCS HIPAA training course, sign an MOU with the Aging Center, and consent to a background check paid for by the Aging Center.

Front desk Assistant. Answering phones, scheduling clients, general office maintenance, copying, filing.

IT Specialist. Assist with computer maintenance, including software and hardware installation, updating, general maintenance. Creative use of limited resources.

Communications Assistant. Maintenance and updating of newsletter, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, program advertisements. Website maintenance is optional. Experience with Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, digital photography, word processing helpful. Ability to work independently is essential.

Development Assistant. Assist with the Direct Mail Campaign, including updating donor database, mail merge, printing, assembling. Assist with Spring fundraising event – planning, scheduling, coordinating activities. Experience with event planning is helpful.

Development Assistant 2. Research funding opportunities, draft cover letters, update existing proposals, assist with coordinating and submitting larger proposals, schedule site-visits and development meetings.

Computer Programmer. Updating a memory screening program using Visual Basic.net under the supervision of an experienced Software Developer. Experience with VB.net is essential, other programming and/or development experience is also helpful.

In-Service Presentations. Select opportunities for specialty in-service presentations at our monthly clinical staff meetings.

Research Assistant – Memory Screen. Schedule research participants for a computerized memory screen. Coordinate consent paperwork, set up participants with the memory screen, limited database management, coordinate follow up and/or additional scheduling for memory clinic or neuropsychological evaluations.

Research Assistant – Caregiver Program. Gathering specific information from client files and entering that information into a research database. Minimum time commitment of 4 hour block needed to enter information from files. Experience with software program SPSS (PASW) or at the least Microsoft Excel is helpful.

Graduate student clinical supervision. Licensed psychologists interested in working with MA and PhD level clinical psychology graduate students who are specializing in geropsychology. On-site and field supervision opportunities are available.

For additional information regarding any of these opportunities or to apply for a volunteer position, please contact:
Laura Engleman, M.A.
Project Director, CU Aging Center