How to Check the Status of an Online Transcript Order


Checking the status of your order in Easy Online Ordering can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Delivery Status Definitions:
    • HOLD MANUAL PROCESSING, HOLD IMAGING, and HOLD CONSENT all mean the order is currently being processed.
    • DELIVERED status means the order has successfully been placed, processed, and will be on its way to you via your chosen delivery method.
    • CANCELLED may mean that there is a hold or service indicator on your account, or that an incorrect address was provided and we are unable to process the order.
    • PDF Transcripts - the transcript is ready to be downloaded only when the account status shows AVAILABLE.
  2. Tracking Numbers:
    • FedEx is the only paper transcript service we provide that comes with a specific tracking number.
    • All other paper transcript services are sent via USPS mail. 
  3. How to Check the Status:
    • Sign in to the Easy Online Ordering using the email and password you used and created, or current students can use their Identikey and Password.
    • Click the "My Account" link on the top navigation bar.
    • All orders including previous orders are listed on the screen including a status. Click on the "View" button next to your order for more details.