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   Invitation to Register - Summer 2015

   Invitation to Register - Fall 2015

Online Course Search Help

Please check your Online Student Self-Service Center for your specific date and time to register.
Follow the instructions below to log on to the Student Self Service Center and look up your registration appointment and time.
Also, check any holds that exist and may prevent you from registering.


** Undergraduate FRESHMEN and TRANSFER STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO Attend a New Student Orientation. **

You will register for your courses at orientation.

Orientation materials and information will be mailed separately or go to

For details regarding orientation, contact the Student Success Center located in Main Hall, 2nd floor, or call (719)255-3260.



*Graduate and Non-degree seeking students are not required to attend orientation.*

Please use the steps below to register for classes.

If you need help selecting courses contact your graduate program.




  1. Accessing the Student Self Service Center:
    1. Go to your Student Portal here:
      myUCCS student Portal

    2. Log on with the username and password assigned for campus webmail and campus computers. If you have problems logging on, contact the UCCS IT Help Desk at (719)255-3536 or or visit
    3. Click on Access Student Self Services or “Register for Classes" button.

  2. Searching and Selecting Courses Using the Shopping Cart
    1. In “ACADEMICS" section select “Searchlink
    2. In the Course Search: Institution= CU Colorado Springs, Term = Spring 2015 UC Colo Springs, and Campus = Colorado Springs Main Campus (if not displayed).
    3. Enter the course subject (use subject search if not known) and course number of the class and click on the “Search" button (for example, ENGL 1310).
    4. Scroll down to see list of courses. Click the green arrow next to Course to see course section details.
    5. To put course in Shopping Cart – click the green “Select Class" button.
    6. A confirmation screen is displayed. Click the Next button. (This is where required course permission numbers are entered.)
    7. A green checkmark appears affirming course has been added to your “Shopping Cart."
    8. You can add additional courses by scrolling down and clicking “Start a New Search" Or go to Step 3 and register.

  3. Registering for Courses – Moving courses from your Shopping Cart into your Schedule.
    Note you cannot move courses from the shopping cart until your registration appointment time passes.

    1. Click on the “Enroll" tab or Enroll link if in the Student Self Service Center. Scroll down to see your Shopping Cart.
    2. Place a check mark in the box left of each class that you want to enroll in.
    3. Click on the green “PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 4" button. If there are conflicts, requisites or closed courses blocking registration, they will be displayed. If no restrictions appear, click on green “Finish Enrolling" button. NOTE: If you have holds such as immunization or past due balances, you will not be allowed to register.

      4. The final step is to click on the “My class schedule" link or tab to see and confirm your enrollment schedule.

Registration Worksheet

Look up and Enter Your Registration Appointment here: ___________________


Course/Catalog Number



Course ID


Start/End Times


Enrolled “Status”

Shop Cart







M, TU, W, TH, F





















































































Registration Helpful Hints:

How do I find my Registration Appointment? In your Student Self Service Center, on the right is a box titled Enrollment Dates. Click on the “details” link and you will be taken to your individual registration appointment.
Add/Drops: You may add and drop classes freely before the published census date. After the census date passes please be aware that there is NO REFUND for dropped classes. Also, after census date you will need to acquire appropriate signatures on an Add/Drop form (available in Admissions & Records Main Hall 108) in order to add or drop a course. 
Swapping a course: The course swap option lets you drop and add courses in a single transaction. So you do not lose a spot in one course, unless there is an open spot in the other course. 
Withdrawals: This is when you withdraw from the semester completely. At this point you will no longer be enrolled in any classes for that semester. A 100% refund is given for a withdrawal before the census date. AFTER the census date the refund will drop to 80% then 60% corresponding to days in the semester. NOTE: This is the ONLY circumstance where a refund is given at percents after census date. Refund percentages count against your total bill, not what is paid at the point of withdrawal. 
Permission Numbers: Should the course you wish to enroll in require a permission number (Independent study courses, etc.), you will need to obtain one from the instructor of the course. When you go to enroll in the course, search and select the course as usual. BEFORE you put the class in your shopping cart the system will confirm the class you’re adding. This is where you put the permission number in and then click ‘Next’ to add it to your shopping cart.
Waitlists: Closed courses may allow students to place themselves on a waitlist.  Waitlist are like an electronic line and when a spot becomes available, the next person in line who meets the requisites of the course is automatically enrolled in the course.  If you are on a waitlist, you should check your status regularly, especially if you are in the top five in line.
Schedule of Courses: Complete details on registration, policies and deadlines are published in the schedule of courses.

UCCS is committed to making registration go smoothly for you. If you need further assistance, contact the following offices:

Question/Problem Office Contact Number Email
Registration Office of the Registrar (719)255-3361
Admission Admissions Services (719)255-3383
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office (719)255-3460
Tuition Payment/Financial Hold Bursar’s Office (719)255-3391
Academic Advising Student Success Center (719)255-3260
Portal Logon IT Help Desk (719)255-3536
Health/Immunization Holds Student Health Center (719)255-4444