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Whether you are a Colorado Springs resident or have never visited the state, we are excited to have you visit our beautiful campus! Start your morning with your own adventure on one of the many trails through Garden of the Gods National Park, spend the afternoon exploring the UCCS campus, then enjoy a relaxing evening shopping in downtown Colorado Springs or having dinner in nearby Manitou Springs. Or take a tour of UCCS on the way to the top of Pikes Peak to soak in the majestic view. Just make sure to bring your camera to capture the awesomeness.

For prospective undergraduate student visits, choose from two options, based on your time and needs: the Campus Tour or the Mountain Lion Experience.

Campus Tour for Prospective Undergraduate Students

UCCS offers both a main campus tour and occasional nursing tours. Main campus tours are led by a UCCS student and will take you around UCCS to see academics, student activities, residential life, and recreation.

The nursing tour is designed to be supplemental to the main campus tour. If you plan to attend both a nursing tour and a campus tour you will need to register for each one separately. The nursing tour is scheduled to allow time for students to attend the morning or afternoon campus tour. Space is limited for nursing tours.

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Mountain Lion Experience for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Mountain Lion Experience events are in-depth visit programs focused around various academic majors and programs the University offers.  Visitors will meet with faculty, go on a campus tour with more focus on the academic area for that event, eat lunch on campus and participate in panel Q&A sessions.

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Campus Tour for Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in looking at the UCCS Graduate School and taking a tour of the campus, please schedule an appointment with the Graduate Recruitment Coordinator.

Group Visits

Group visits consist of an information session and a walking tour. To arrange this visit, please fill out and submit our Group Visit Form.

Map and Directions to UCCS
UCCS is located just off I-25 in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Directions and maps are available to help you easily arrive to campus.

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Preferred Action Dates 

Preferred Application Date: TBD


Housing Application Opens: TBD

Orientation/Registration: TBD

First Day of Classes: TBD

Preferred Application Date: December 1

FAFSA Opens: Available now

Housing Application Opens: Available now

Orientation/Registration: TBD

First Day of Classes: January 17

Preferred Application Date: May 1

FAFSA Opens: October 1

Housing Application Open: December 1

Orientation/Registration: March 1

Freshman Startup Day: August 17

First Day of Classes: August 21

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