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Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students

Non-degree seeking undergraduate students are students who wish to take courses at UCCS but are not planning on completing a degree with UCCS. This status also applies to high school students who want to take courses at UCCS at the same time they are completing their high school coursework.

Students admitted with this designation are admitted on a special set of criteria different from our standard admission policies for one semester and must reapply each semester they wish to enroll with this designation. An applicant submits a specific non-degree application and a $50 application fee. Transcripts are not required for this process but may be needed to prove completion of pre-requisite courses to enroll in desired courses.

Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students

This status applies to students who have earned a bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue a graduate level certificate or wish to take courses but are not planning to complete a degree with UCCS.

Ready to submit your application? Apply now at:

Non-Degree Seeking Application

Understanding Concurrent Enrollment at UCCS
A Concurrent Enrollment student is a student that is not enrolled in a UCCS degree program and catalog year. These students are admitted on a special set of criteria different from our standard admission policies.  High School Concurrent applications are good only for that one specific semester.

Below are ways for a student to concurrently enroll with UCCS:

High School students, often in the junior or senior year, will enroll concurrently at UCCS and take college classes while completing their high school coursework. Participating school districts will have individualized rules and policies for how this is implemented for students in that district.

Ready to submit your application? Print and complete the High School Concurrent Application packet:

High School Concurrent Application

High school students who have completed all graduation requirements but are remaining with their high school for a 5th year. Complete the ASCENT Enrollment Packet with your school and submit to the Office of Student Recruitment or contact 71-255-3088 to learn more about ASCENT.

ASCENT Enrollment Packet

Weekend University offers up to 50 courses each semester. This program was developed to provide weekend classes for students who work or have conflicts during the weekday. Late registration is available on a class-by-class basis.
Weekend University

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