Academic Honor Code

Academic honesty and integrity are vital elements of a dynamic academic institution. The responsibility for ethical conduct rests with each individual member of the academic community — students, faculty, and staff.

UCCS has an ongoing commitment to maintain and encourage academic integrity. Therefore, the university has created a set of standards of academic honesty and procedures governing violations of these principles. Copies of the Academic Honor Code document may be obtained at the Kraemer Family Library, from the offices of the deans of the various schools/colleges, from the office of the Dean of Students, or from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Forms of Academic Dishonesty

  1. Plagiarism – use of distinctive ideas or words belonging to another person, without adequately acknowledging that person’s contribution.
  2. Cheating – intentionally possessing, communicating, using, or attempting to use unauthorized (by the instructor) materials, information, notes, study aids, or other devices, in any academic exercise.
  3. Fabrication and Falsification – intentional and unauthorized alteration or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.
  4. Multiple Submission – submission of substantial portions of either written or oral academic work which has previously earned credit, when such submission is made without instructor authorization.
  5. Misuse of Academic Materials – intentionally or knowingly destroying, stealing, or making inaccessible, library or other academic resource material.
  6. Complicity in Academic Dishonesty – intentionally or knowingly contributing to the academic dishonesty of another.

These examples of academic dishonesty shall not be construed to be comprehensive, and infractions will be dealt with on an individual basis. It is the obligation of each student to assist in the enforcement of academic standards; infractions – whether by students or faculty – should be first brought to the attention of the instructor.

Detailed instructions about reporting a suspected infraction; appealing an alleged infraction; and sanctions for an infraction are outlined in the UCCS Academic Honor Code document. Questions about the academic honor code should be addressed to the Dean of Students, Main Hall, room 202, (719) 255-3258.