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Faculty Assembly

Personnel and Benefits Committee
February 7, 2005
In attendance: Judith Rice-Jones, John Richardson, Ted Baldwin, Tom Zwirlein
Guest: Steve Chambers
I. Faculty Council Personnel and Benefits Committee Activities
Judith Rice-Jones provided a brief summary of the Faculty Council Personnel and Benefits
Meeting held on February 4, 2005.
1. They are looking into the 1/6th rule and alternative compensation plans for the
faculty. A committee has been meeting on the alternative compensation plans. More
details will follow.
2. Michele Dahlin reported on the Faculty Handbook. The Faculty Handbook is not in a
cohesive format at the present time. The format is a listing Regent Rules and
Administrative Policies. The handbook should be brought up to date and should include
an index to make it more useful. See the handbook at:
3. Michele is also working on establishing a common list of retired faculty nonpecuniary
benefits. The set will include some core (all campus) benefits and benefits
specific to each campus.
4. The Faculty Council is also looking at the Ad Hoc Disability Committee Report. The
committee is concerned about where the money will come from to implement the actions
listed in the report. They are also struggling with how to define disabled.
5. System Payroll and Benefit Services (PBS) is working on improving the benefits website
and have hired a communications person, Mark Gelband. Visit the web-site at:
II. Salary Compression
Steve Chambers was invited to the meeting to provide results of last year’s salary compression
1. Last year 66% ($149,090) of the compression money was allocated to non-tenure
track faculty. A total of 49 individuals were eligible to receive increases ranging from
$129 to $5,000. In addition, $4,333 was set aside for librarian faculty. Non-tenure
faculty in English received the bulk of the adjustments.
2. 33% ($73,629) of the compression money was allocated to tenure/tenure track faculty.
$1,937 was held fro librarian faculty. A total of 99 faculty were identified for
adjustments. All identified faculty were given some adjustment. The disciplines with the
largest gap were Business Administration, Computer Science, Communications,

Accounting/Finance, Philosophy.
3. The Personnel and Benefits Committee agreed that the compression analysis should
continue. This year, the compression regressions will use current UCCS salaries and
one-year lagged market salaries in order to complete the analysis in early April. The
analysis has been rushed in the past since the necessary market data are not available
until late April or early May when decisions on compression must be made. Using one
year old market data is not expected to significantly change the analysis (e.g. faculty with
compressed salaries will remain compressed whether one year old or current market data
are used). The extra time will allow Steve to consider alternative versions of the basic
The Personnel and Benefits Committee will recommend other changes to the process by
III. New and Continuing Business
Ted Baldwin will attempt to determine the number of living UCCS retired faculty.
Ted and the committee will look into activities to promote the health of the faculty.
Ted will check with PBS to determine whether data is available on usage of the health
care benefit.
Tom will invite Kaye Simonton from disability services to the next meeting.
The next meeting will be March 7th at 12:00 in Library 304C.