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 Campus Sustainability Committee Report

 September 12, 2008

Committee members met for the first time this semester last week.

We reviewed the substantial progress that has been made on our campus.  See the attached report from Linda Kogan, Sustainability Director, RE operations, etc.  The decision of the administration to insure that the event center meets LEED standards is welcome news. David Havlick , Geography, is the new director for the Sustainability Minor to which have been added a number of courses as well as a required capstone course.  The Committee continues to support the excellent work done by the students in SEAS (Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability).   Attached is a calendar reflecting the explosion of interest and events related to the topic of sustainability.

NEW BUSINESS.  A number of members expressed concern over the recent paving of Stanton and Eagle Rock Road without attention given to provision for pedestrians and cyclists.  Also of concern, is a proposal to use material from work on Nevada as road base for a new road to Heller from University property west of the Heller.  The Committee felt that UCCS should wait the outcome of the historic assessment plan for the Heller, currently under contract paid for by the Colorado Historic Fund, to decide on the site and nature of the road.   We sent a request to the administration to work with the City of Colorado Springs which has recently adopted a complete streets policy (  This policy means that streets are designed or rehabbed to provide for all modes—cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.  We hope that the University will adopt this policy as encouraging alternative modes is part of our sustainability goals.  It is well documented that the infrastructure of a community contributes in a large part to its health.  If there are sufficient convenient, pleasant and safe opportunities for walking and biking, more folks will do so.

Interested in joining our committee or have a question or suggestion, please e-mail or call Judith Rice-Jones,, 255-3175.  We normally meet the second Friday of the month at 8:30 am.