Some notes regarding the publishing of FCQ results:


·        Regents Policy 4-B. FACULTY-COURSE EVALUATION

The Faculty Course Evaluation, which evaluates the effectiveness of the course and the faculty member’s teaching of that course, shall be implemented at the University of Colorado for all courses and their sections.  The overall purpose of all evaluations is to enhance learning.  Multiple measures will be used to evaluate a faculty member's teaching.  Each campus shall design an evaluation form that meets its specific needs. The campus form shall include key common elements for evaluating individual faculty on the campus and shall be adaptable to the individual campus's research and testing services.  The evaluation shall provide published information to students, faculty, and departmental and University administration.

Its purposes are: (1) to provide students with an evaluation of the course and the faculty member, based on students' assessments; and (2) to support the faculty evaluation process and faculty rewards system. In addition, faculty are encouraged to develop and use diagnostic (formative) evaluation tools during the course of the term to assist in mid-course pedagogical corrections for the purpose of improving instruction and student learning.

Each campus shall establish a committee to oversee the design, implementation, and information distribution process of the Faculty Course Evaluation.  The campus committees shall include students and faculty. The Chancellors shall be responsible for funding and providing a yearly operations budget.

[The Interim and Associate VCAAs and the chair of the Teaching Excellence Committee suggested using that committee, along with students (three who volunteered to serve) as an ad hoc FCQ committee, recognizing that such a committee should eventually be established as standing under the Faculty Assembly.]


·        We are currently the only CU campus without FCQ results online.


·        Students have a petition—with 432 signatures at last count—which they plan to push more vigorously in the near future… We don’t need another front page Gazette article!


·        Historically, prior to computers and the internet, Boulder published the FCQ results in booklet form, distributed around campus in bins like the student newspaper. Our campus, however, did not do that; had only a copy available in the library. I suspect this may simply have been a cost issue, being a much smaller campus. With the results now available online through the Boulder FCQ office’s database, publishing those results would require no resources from our campus, just a simple link back to the Boulder site.