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Faculty Assembly

Personnel and Benefits Committee
May 2, 2005 Meeting

Attendees: Charlie Shub, Carole Flint, Judith Rice-Jones, Dick Carpenter, Mary Ann Kluge, Bob
Durham, John Richardson, Ted Baldwin and Tom Zwirlein

1. The members of P&B who also sit on the Faculty Council Personnel and Benefits Committee
had no news to report since the next meeting is this coming Friday.
2. Judith Rice-Jones distributed information on salaries from the annual survey conducted by
Academe. Information on UCCS was not included in this year’s survey. A call was placed to
Steve Chambers to see why UCCS is not in the annual survey. Steve reported that the Office of
Institutional Research was shorthanded during the survey period and was unable to complete the
AAUP survey this year. Thus, UCCS does nor appear in the survey.
3. Open enrollment. Ted debriefed the committee on open enrollment. A number of information
sessions will be held on campus and all faculty and staff are encouraged to attend one of these
meetings. Ted will send out frequent reminders this week and next.
We are all waiting to see what the University contribution to the health benefit will be
this year. This information will not be available until the Long Bill is signed and until
President Hoffman recommends an amount.
Faculty are encouraged to re-enroll in their benefits plan whether they change any
benefits or not. Going through the re-enrollment process on the web takes little time but
will ensure that the individual receives confirmation of enrollment. In any case, those
people who use either the dependent care or health repayment flexible spending accounts
must re-enroll in these plans.
4. Compression. The P&B committee was updated on the results of the voting results of the
special meeting of the Faculty Representative Assembly regarding the P&B motions on
compression. A question and answer period followed the debriefing. The P&B members were
encouraged to attend the special meeting of Faculty Assembly this Friday.
5. The committee discussed agenda items for next year. These include:
1. Reserved spots for faculty parking. Faculty would pay a premium for these spots.
Public safety will be invited to a fall meeting to discuss pros and cons.
2. Can the monetary amount of Faculty Representative Assembly service award of a
parking permit be used for other transportation costs? This may include a bus pass or
something else.
3. We will continue the discussion of non-monetary benefits for retired faculty.
4. Evaluation of administrators. This has not been done for several years. Is it time to

do some evaluations?