NTTF Committee Recommendation to Faculty Assembly

November 11, 2005

 Charge for Faculty Assembly NTTF Task Force:

 To propose a long-term plan for solving major NTTF problems of lack of consistent terminology, policies, and benefits; lack of accountability; lack of communication with and among NTTF; the widespread failure to consider NTTF as legitimate members of the UCCS faculty; the increased use of various categories of NTTF; compensating the NTTF representative with an off-load: and problems of lecturers.

  1. Fully integrate and institutionalize charges of 1998 system-wide NTTF

Committee, accepted by Faculty Assembly at that time:

    1. Definition of each position
    2. Salary
    3. Instructional Support and Benefits
    4. Evaluation
    5. Promotion
  1. Since there is no administrator charged with NTTF issues, lack of consistency and accountability follows. Departments, programs and colleges are not held to core university expectations. In fact, core university expectations are most often unarticulated.
  2. Lack of systems for communicating with and among NTTF regarding issues, policies, and so on.
  3. Acknowledge the essential role of NTTF teaching faculty who shoulder 52 percent of FTE’s at UCCS and whose contribution expands with university growth and budget cuts.
  4. Anticipate future of NTTF when their contribution will be more varied and more extensive (research faculty, non-teaching instructors, professors of practice, and so on).
  5. NTTF representative must have an off-load since NTTF carry typically 4/4 teaching loads, which doesn’t allow adequate time to fully address NTTF issues.
  6. Principal charge is to address instructors, but the situation of lecturers must also be considered.