FMAC Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 2, 2005

 In attendance: Christina Jiménez, Kee Warner, Anthony Córdova, Christina Martínez, Seung Son, María Sergia Steen, Carmen Abeyta, Marguerite Cantú, Fernando Feliu-Moggi, Betty Trout-Kelly, Mala Madathil. 

Minutes from October 28, 2005, meeting distributed and approved.

 Campus Diversity Reception – Christina J. asked for feedback on the reception held Nov. 2, About 50 people attended and response was generally positive. M. Steen asked about our goal for the reception which was to create more community and an awareness of FMAC. Suggestion was made to have a brief handout about FMAC if we do it again. K. Warner suggested that if we do a follow up in the spring we take some time to discuss issues and do a bit of a report along with the social aspect. Total cost was about $500-600. Caterer was good as was the entertainment. C. Jiménez indicated she would like to see us vary the type of food at events. Some discussion about Sodexho and whether it caused problems by not using them.

 Program to Promote Faculty Diversity - K. Warner reported that the policy has been referred to EPUS. B. Trout-Kelly reported that she has had discussions with some departments about the use of these funds. Psychology has a possible 4th candidate for a position who is a minority and they have some interest in bringing this person to campus. This candidate is not perfectly suited for the current position, but may be a good match for a position that they plan to open next year. Betty Trout-Kelly reported that the Psychology Dept. has been proactive in discussing minority recruitment with her.  Committee members were supportive of their efforts.     

 B. Trout-Kelly expressed some concern about the policy stating that she should consult with the Academic planning Committee along with the VCAA and FMAC when making funding decision. Committee agreed that these seemed like an unnecessary layer. C. Jiménez will remove and send amended copy to Bob Durham. 

B. Trout-Kelly also asked for clarification about how to consult with FMAC. K. Warner suggested she could discuss with the chair and the chair could consult with current active members. Committee agreed.

 Birmingham Pledge Posters – Discussion about what to do with these. Ideas brought up included bringing them out for different events, getting more people to sign them, displaying them in the UC on a permanent basis. A. Córdova said he would approach Student Diversity Council about taking it on as a project to get the pledge framed and acquire easels to display at events. 

Definition of minority – per Steve Chambers in IR the count of minority faculty at UCCS includes both native-born minorities and foreign-born people that have work visas in the U.S. This is in accord with federal policy. Currently 40-45% of minority demographics may be non-native. 

Success stories project – Lots of talk and no action!  C. Jiménez asked committee members to identify what their success story might be. Everybody needs to write up a paragraph and submit it for the web page. 

Kee Warner – did his homework and brought a paragraph on the hip Hop tv show

Fernando Feliu-Moggi – Latin American Film Festival, Bobby Seale talk, Guatemalan artist next semester, gallery show

Mala Madathil – Symposium on culturally responsive teaching Jan 28

María Sergia Steen – summer programs to Madrid, Costa Rica

Betty Trout-Kelly – World Aids Day events

Carmen Abeyta – Leadership Program, Cinco de Mayo

Anthony Córdova – has too many to choose from

Seung Son – will follow up with Tina Moore for some ideas, possibly something about where students and faculty come from in the College of EAS

Christina Martínez – Displays in library

Marguerite Cantú – student projects, Native American Heritage Month state kickoff

Christina Jiménez – White Privilege conference

 Cinco de Mayo – C. Abeyta reported on this. Community banquet will be held at UCCS. Jaime Escalante will be keynote speaker. He will be on campus two days and will do more than one presentation. Suggested that FMAC could sponsor a table. B. Trout-Kelly willing to split the cost. A. Córdova also suggested we ask Faculty Assembly to sponsor a table. Committee was in agreement about doing this. Competition will be fierce for the honor of sitting at the table.

 System wide FMAC – F. Feliu-Moggi reported briefly. Attendance at these meetings has been spotty. He will share info in future.

 Diversity Summit – Report from attendees generally good. Need to see more chairs in attendance. B. Trout-Kelly said there will be follow up with the Chancellor and other administrators. M. Madathil asked about FMAC meeting with Deans to discuss diversity issues. C. Jiménez said we would have to have a specific agenda or specific questions to ask them if we want to do this.

 PPCC collaborative forum – Notes from joint PPCC/UCCS meeting were passed out. A. Córdova will be following up with Amy Martínez at PPCC to see where we go from here.

 International Students – A. Córdova gave the Chancellor a list of needs for international students, at her request.

 Next meeting will be Friday, February 3, 2006 10:30am – 12:00pm.