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Faculty Assembly

Faculty Minority Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Friday, Sept 23, 2005

 In attendance: Rosemary Augustine (Legal Counsel), Christina Jimenez

(Chair), Mala Madathil, Seung Son, Anthony Cordova, Betty Trout-Kelly

(EDADSE), Eddie Portillos, Maria Steen, Nina Gomez, Kee Warner, Carmen Abeyta, Nick Sterling (Student Employee), Dawn House (Admins. Assist.)

 Minutes from May 13, 2005, meeting distributed.  Kee Warner moved to approve minutes.  Seconded by Nina Gomez and minutes were approved.

 Minutes of Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee meeting, provided by Fernando Feliu-Moggi, distributed to members present.

We discussed the recruitment of faculty for the committee to ensure broad representation across the colleges by  faculty who are engaged in diversity issues.  Committee members should forward contact information of potential new members to Christina Jimenez. 

Copies of the first revised draft of Administrative Policy Statement on the minority opportunity hire program were distributed. Committee members raised a variety of issues and Rosemary Augustine provided legal clarification.  Christina and Rosemary will bring back a revised draft to review at the next meeting. 

Introduction of Nick Sterling, who is working on the FMAC website.  Suggestion made for photos of committee members to be included on the site.  Nick to contact various members for photo opportunities.   It was also requested that success stories be forwarded for inclusion on the site.

 Introduction of Dawn House, who will be the Administrative Assistant for the Committee.  Review of budget as established by Accounting, discussion of establishing actual budget categories.  Christina Jimenez and Dawn to meet to discuss needs of committee.

 Request for funding to help sponsor film “No Turning Back” by Jesus Nebot was approved at $200.00.

 Committee discussed having a Fall Luncheon.  Suggestion was made and agreed upon to have a reception in the Art Gallery instead.  Reception date to be November 2, 2005, from 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm.  Betty Trout-Kelly, Nina Gomez, and Anthony Cordova to arrange reception.  Suggestion made to try to use a minority caterer.

 Kee Warner informed committee that he is the FMAC representative on the Faculty Assembly for any issues that the Committee feels need to be presented to the Assembly.

 Next meeting to be held on Friday, October 28, 2005.