Faculty Assembly President’s Report

May 2005


Jenenne P. Nelson

It has been a busy spring semester and probably one we will remember for a few years. The issue of compression has a “hot topic” this year. While I have said it numerous times, not everyone will be happy with the outcome but one very positive thing is the faculty is participating. They are engaged in the process of governance. Furthermore, the Representatives have been engaged in their colleges taking about the issue and making sure all sides are heard. We need to thank the Representatives this year especially for their work. They have done a great job facilitating information flow in the colleges.


Another group I would like to thank is the Executive Committee for their hard work. When we had an issue that needed attention, they were willing to go “above and beyond” to help work an issue. I am most appreciative of their support over the year. Thanks to each one of you!


Here is an update on the newly developed Advisory Committee on Tenure Related Procedures is in the formative phase. General Howell Estes, III USAF (ret) has been asked to serve as the Chair of the external audit of the tenure related procedures. General Estes will be integrally involved with the Advisory Committee and will work with the external firm to complete the audit over the next months. I have worked with General Estes in my past military career and I have a great deal of respect for his judgment and integrity. He is a fair person and will provide the independent an independent examination of our processes. Since this committee is just getting started, there is not much information; however, these meetings are public so you will be able to follow the committee’s progress in the Silver and Gold or attend a meeting in person if you’d like.


This is the last time I will update you as President of the Faculty Assembly. It has been an interesting year for me. One of the best parts about this job is meeting new faculty, staff, and administrators from not only our campus but the other campuses. We have great people at the University of Colorado.  It has been a great experience and I would encourage each one of you to consider some role in faculty governance. Have a great summer! I hope to see you at the Faculty Retreat on August 26th at the Julie Penrose Center.