May 2007

Tom Napierkowski




1. Report of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Task Force

The Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Task Force will present its report at the May 11 meeting of the Representative Faculty Assembly. While addressing a series of very specific issues such as salary, the report will also insist on the importance of a campus culture that recognizes the valuable contributions which non-tenure-track faculty make to this campus and their indispensable role.


2. FCQ Reporting

Further discussion is expected on the topic of the electronic reporting of FCQ results. You should let your representatives know your thoughts on this important issue.


3. UCCS Post-Tenure Review Policy

The EPUS Committee is vetting the proposed UCCS Policy on Post-Tenure Review; the committee expects to present its recommendation at the May 11 Assembly meeting.


4. Academic Strategic Goals

Chancellor Shockley will be presenting the UCCS Strategic Goals Plan to the Regents in June. There is still time for faculty input. Our local EPUS Committee is reviewing the current draft and will present its recommendations to the Assembly.


5. Presidential Search Committee

Congratulations (and sympathy) to Professor Sue Byerley who was selected by the Regents to represent UCCS faculty on the Presidential Search Committee. Please support Sue in her efforts to represent this campus and it s faculty in the effort to select a new president for the CU System.