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Faculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly President’s Report

April 2005


Jenenne P. Nelson

A number of events have occurred over the past month in faculty governance of which the faculty should be aware. Most recently, the Tenure Review Advisory Committee was formed and it consists of three Regents, four faculty members, one community member, one student and one administrator. This committee has been established to audit our tenure processes. The audit is a joint effort by the faculty and the Board of Regents to examine how we follow the tenure processes that have been established on each campus. It will be done by an external agency to demonstrate to the Regents and the public that we are following our processes.  As you know, tenure has been attacked by the public and the media. This committee is not meant to “open a can of worms” by examining tenure, but to truly evaluate our processes by a records review. Personally, I see a secondary gain with an external audit. This audit can be used to educate the public about what tenure is or what it is not.  I will represent UCCS on this committee and my intent is to keep the committee charged focused based on the spirit of its original intent – to evaluate how we follow our tenure processes. I will keep the faculty informed on the committee progress.

            Another item of interest for faculty is the Faculty Housing Assistance Program. This program provides new faculty as well as faculty through their 6th year with the University with Guaranteed or Shared Appreciation Loans.  In January 2005, there were a number of changes to the program such as having a continuous application process, new program flexibility, etc. For more information please refer to

            The Phased Faculty Retirement Program (APS-approved Jan 28, 2000) may also be of some interest to faculty depending on their age. In my tenure as President of the Faculty Assembly, I have found that the faculty may not be familiar with this program. Yes, retirement can be negotiated by a contract. There are a number of factors that play into the development of a retirement contract. Rosemary Augustine is a key player in negotiating an individual’s retirement contract. Some colleges have invited Rosemary to do presentations in their college related to the Phased Retirement Program. If you are interested in having a few general faculty presentations on this plan, let me know and I will schedule a few programs over the semester. If you are interested in discussing the plan in detail, contract Rosemary Augustine.

            Finally, the University Performance Contract has been signed. The contract is a result of months of negotiation between the University and CCHE.  Thanks to all involved for a contract that allows for more campus autonomy and flexibility.