Faculty Assembly President’s Report

April 2006


Bob Durham




There are a few interesting developments from the system that will effect us, both on our campus and from a system-wide perspective.


A report from the budget committee indicates that we are behind our peers in University contributions to our health plans and that they are recommending an increase from 50% institution contribution to 70% or 72% to make us more competitive in recruitment and retention. But, as they report, “all money is green” and those dollars have to come from somewhere and there will be trade-offs (as usual). This is more problematic since there are no junior faculty on UBAB and any impact would be differentially felt. That is, junior faculty needs and senior faculty needs do not necessarily coincide. Therefore, other faculty system committees will look at this issue.


Rod Muth is proposing that the Faculty Council amend its constitution and add a new standing committee on faculty communications, since the faculty side of many issues is not adequately being presented to the various publics (stakeholder groups). This committee, which has been ad hoc, woiuld be charged with this task.


We have a problem with FCQ’s in general and this semester in particular, as Boulder will only support on-line administration this summer and has changed the questionnaire for the fall. We will talk about this on Friday.


Please remember that next month’s meeting will be our open meeting and that it will be dedicated to the Tenure Related Processes findings with General Estes and Provost Heckler presenting.